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1,255,499 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating in the last two weeks




Free Fire, one of the most popular mobile battles, it also had a great 2021 so far. The title developed by Garena broke numerous records in terms of revenue and takeovers, and he was also nominated for many prestigious awards. Free Fire was the second most downloaded game in the first half of 2021, with more than 100 million downloads.

However, with this success, some obstacles will surely arise. Garena, like most other popular titles, he had to face scams, with players using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

To solve this problem, Free Fire developers have set up an anti-cheat system that detects and bans these cheats. Free Fire also allows its players to report cheats / hackers they encounter in the game, thus broadening their horizons and effectively banning cheats.

In addition to this, developers also publish biweekly reports about the types of fraudsters used and the number of banned accounts.

In its latest fortnightly report, Free Fire claimed to have banned a total of 1,255,499 accounts for cheating, a slight increase of 15% from numbers in the previous report. 59% of these accounts are banned due to player reports. In addition, a total of 11,115 accounts were banned due to voluntary association with hackers.

Free Fire also released a list of the types of hacks used

1.) Automatic targeting (69%)

2.) Teleport (14.9%)

3.) Through the wall (14.3%)

4.) Other (various fraudsters) (1.8%)

Auto-aim continues to lead the charts among the main types of cheats that players use, relying on hack, to eliminate their enemies. Teleport and Through the Wall stand narrowly in second and third place.

Free Fire reassured its player base that it had adapted anti-hacking measures and optimized detection methods for a better gaming experience. They also asked the players to keep playing fair and to make the game fun for everyone.