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15 Tasty Halloween Treats To Make For Your “Snoop And Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween” Watch Party



Get ready for life-size chocolate spiders, sweet zombies, and more.

Looking for something tasty to broadcast this spooky season? Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have you covered with a fun TV gift. The iconic duo hosts Snoop and Martha’s very tasty Halloween alongside Tasty’s Alvin Zhou, which will premiere on Thursday, October 21 at Peacock.

If you’re as excited as I am, you’re already searching the internet for gluttonous and sweet treats for the premiere. Here are the best festive choices to make for your Snoop and Martha watch party.


A “charbooterie” board


With ample cheese options, mummy-decorated strawberries, and plenty of melted chocolate, this twist on the viral charcuterie board is sure to please everyone.

Recipe: Halloween charbooterie board


Mummy Cookies


Cookies are always a hit, and with this recipe, decorating is half the fun. Gather everyone in the kitchen and see who can best mummify your tasty treat.

Recipe: Mummy Cookies


Bloody Raspberry Rose Lava Cakes


Sure to please chocolate lovers everywhere, this elegant lava cake is so delicious with a raspberry jam and rosewater “blood” center.

Recipe: Raspberry and rose bloody lava cake


A chocolate cake graveyard


Perfect for a Halloween baking show, this decadent chocolate cake only takes a few extra steps to create a graveyard scene filled with creepy critters and a shovel, too.

Recipe: Chocolate cake graveyard


Extra Bloody Cupcakes


These red velvet cupcakes are so sweet but a little creepy, with edible broken glass and blood-inspired food coloring. This recipe would fit perfectly in a haunted house.

Recipe: Bloody Cupcakes


Funny Halloween swamp monsters


Classic worms and earth cake


pumpkin cream cheese bars


Nothing says October like pumpkin, and who doesn’t love cheesecake too? So easy to make with an amazing brown sugar topping, don’t forget to refrigerate these delicious bars overnight for the perfect consistency.

Recipe: pumpkin cream cheese bars


A skull-inspired caramel apple


We all know the caramel apple as a classic Halloween treat, but have you heard of a caramel apple decorated with skulls? Probably not. This original recipe lets you get super artistic with your design and is fun for all ages.

Recipe: Apple Candy Skull


Jack O ‘Lantern Chips and Sauce


If you’re more of a savory snack, try this fabulous French fries and gravy recipe. All you need is a decorative pumpkin, salty fries, and a creative dip for an extra fun Halloween-inspired dish.

Recipe: Jack O ‘Lantern Chips and Sauce


Creepy brownie bites


Everyone loves brownies fresh from the oven, and this one is even better – it looks like a real eyeball!

Recipe: Eyeball ‘box’ brownie bites


Crispy vanilla treats with Halloween candy leftovers


If you’re streaming after Halloween, why not combine all of the leftover candy into a delicious Rice Krispies treat? It’s an effective way to use candy packets and serves up to nine in total, so it can even be shared with friends and family.

Recipe: Crispy vanilla treats with Halloween candy leftovers


Halloween Layered Dip


A layered dip is a great option for a party snack to share. Pro Tip: Make sure to run a toothpick through the sour cream from the center out, until the top looks like a cobweb.

Recipe: Halloween Layered Dip


Halloween Bundt Cake


Made to look like a pumpkin, this adorable cupcake has a colorful center for a fun touch. The recipe is not too complicated and the sweet corn topping is optional.

Recipe: Halloween Bundt Cake


A Halloween party punch


Gather around the dessert table to take a look at this witty and spooky skeleton punch. Filled with cranberry juice, ginger ale, and lychee juice, have a cup or two, or fill a cauldron, and hit play on the TV.

Recipe: Halloween party punch

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