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15 Times Lizzo Was The Undisputed Queen Of TikTok




Telephone? LizTok like.

The world Amelio, I’mma finish, yet Lizza TikTok has the character of the best, all the time? Do not believe me? Here are Receipts


when she out TikTok for it to receive her in a bathing suit with videos done for you, but it is not the same in the other creators.


when she praise “I love you should come off,” the treadmill after Miley Cyrus do not miss one breath.

The video was uploaded to Instagram, saying: “I am doing all these girls out for a big man. And he did not do.” To which the answer is yes.


when she she got by followers of those having negative thoughts about their body.


When she fell her election ballot for the 2020 presidential patriotic and look fabulous – and, as in sec twerk behind him.


Finally, this union special message and the eventual results of the President’s office said.


when she The enemy closed It is clear that the work for another.


when she Clapped back One who is in her charming friend for doing a detox.


A vast number of the girl’s body whatsoever !!! I am not, as the heart of my soul, my soul from me, I will, my charming friend, in order to avoid the ❤️ of detox of the curves and

♬ original sound – Lizza


When she announced this “WAP” -inspired Halloween costume and took the word “sexy bull ‘is a whole level.


And that the silhouette challenge and said “all square muscle grrrrls, we got it silhouettes!”


Especially so, since it is not received according to it is the wind of plant, hangover breakfastHe who is everywhere, He was literally made me drool.


I started talking to my belly this year. Despite belly wanted to cut it off. And it was the part of me. So I’m do not deserve to be loved the way to his face?

♬ original sound – Lizza

Queen Lizzi, to keep the best part TikTok. To do this, we love?

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