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16 Documentaries That Are So Freaky, You’ll Probably Regret Watching Them




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“If you had made twelve films of this, no one would believe them.”

We he asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what films or documentary films are creeping into hell. Here are the tumultuous events you’ll want to watch ASAP.

🚨 Warning: Some of these contents are really confusing and graphical. 🚨


The disappearance of Madeleine McCann (2019)


what’sIn 2007, 3-year-old Madeleine McCann passed away during a family vacation in Portugal. Her parents were in a restaurant with friends and Madeleine had left and two siblings had gone to sleep in the bedroom. They raped the boys all night long, and when they realized that it was false, Madeleine went away. Over the next several weeks, numerous accusations of condemnation have been made, and the corresponding stories have ceased, and he was also the head of the investigation unit. Madeleine has become a high-profile missing child throughout the world, and this documentary series will show you why.

Where you can watch it: Netflix



The Last Spirit (2019)

Dogwoof Studios

what’sOpen water is scary. It’s even scarier when you’re caught 100 meters below the surface without heat or light. That’s exactly what Chris Lemons did in 2012. He worked on the boat, was working on repairs at the bottom of the North Sea, when a severe storm caused the boat to float and a breathing cable broke. This limited use of documentary interviews and security footage from the ship to narrate the events of that day. It will leave you gasping for air.

Where can you watch it: Netflix



Three Identical Aliens (2018)

Neon / Zen Films

what’s: here real-life Sister, Sister crossing the line will instantly warm your heart, but then it will be torn in pieces. The project begins with Bobby Shafran, who, after leaving college in the 1980s, discovers the same double life. Then things are even better. After he gets their picture sent on the map, he reveals to the third guy, and they know it’s actually a triplet. And he inquired why they had divided in the first place, that he did not realize that part of his public interest was committed to him. I’ll do nothing else for you, but let me tell you that this film will be yours.

Where you can watch it: Hulu



Tossed into the Field of Sight (2017)


what’s: In 1970, a 12-year-old girl from Idaho was raped by a neighbor and best friend of her family… twice. There are so many versions and turns in this film, including the love affair with the girl’s parents and her rapist, so, yeah, watch.

Where can you watch it: Netflix



There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane (2010)


what’s: In 2009, Diane Schuler was driving 85 mph on the wrong side of the road when she collided with another car. Eight people were killed, including Diana, her daughter, and her three nieces. A medical report revealed that Diana was heavily drunk at the time of the crash, but her husband insisted she never drink too much. This document tells the story of what happened until the 2009 crash and tries to uncover what actually happened.

Where can you watch it: HBO Max



The woman who was not 2012

IFC Films

what’sAlicia Esteve Head claimed on the 78th floor of the Center Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. He had very gripping testimony about the survivors of the attack, and also revealed his fiancee dead in the other tower. Later, she became chairman of the support group World Trade Center Supervivores Center Network. But there was one question: the head was in both buildings on the day of the sieges. In fact, it wasn’t even in the country – Barcelona was in school. So what was Alice Esteve Head? I guess you had to watch the documentary to find out.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video



Dreams of Life (2010)

Wikipedia / Fair Use / / Dogwoof Pictures

what’s: Joyce Carol Vincent died in her apartment in London in 2003. However, her body was not found until nearly three years later. Vincent deposited the payments issued for the rent and the apartments; Her body had deteriorated so much that by the time she found it, she saw “mostly a skeleton”. Even more painfully, they found Christmas gifts wrapped next to her body, which were unexplained and never released. This document tears deep into how all those things were made.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video



Evil Genius (2018)

Duplass Brothers Productions

what’sBrian Wells, the box driver in Pennsylvania, robbed a banker with a bomb strapped around his neck in 2003. He said he would be forced to commit a heist, and if he didn’t pursue it, he thundered down real criminals. bomb. This real crime documentary series follows the investigation into the “pizza bomber” and aims to press if Wells was a crime victim or conspirator.

Where you can watch it: Netflix



Hunters: The Art of Scare (2017)

Brain Factory

what’sthe thrill of the haunted buildings. They make you laugh one another, and they give you the following dreams. But some achieve their mission of life by capturing them even further with the “greatest horror of hypocrisy”. This theatrical yet awesome document gives behind-the-scenes speculations on the most crowded homes in the world, as well as the people who created them.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video



Guards (2017)

Movie 45 / Netflix

what’sSister Catherine Cesnik was a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School in Maryland in 1969 when she disappeared. Two months later, a lifeless body was found dumped nearby. Cesnik had previously been suspected of being a priest of the school, as this compelling documentary series investigates what really happened to him, asking whether the police cover-up was or not.

Where can you watch it: Netflix



casting JonBenet (2017)

Wikipedia / Fair Use / / Netflix

what’sMost people know about the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the child’s pageant queen, who was murdered in her own house in 1996. This documentary narrates the events in the process of killing for the fictional film about murder, where actors model real life. men (and, yes, even JonBenet) who were involved in crime and investigation. It is amazing, innovative, and compelling to provide for the chance.

Where you can watch it: Netflix



Team Foxcatcher (2016)

Madrose Productions

what’sJohn du Pont was one of the multimillionaires who built the US Olympic gymnastics wrestling facility. He became obsessed and paralyzed with one wrestler in particular: Dave Schultz. This documentary uses chilling interviews and never-before-seen footage of the case of John du Pont, who finally killed Schultz. Remember this story from 2014’s true crime drama Foxcatcherin which Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo received Oscar nominations for two vital roles.

Where can you watch it: Netflix


Chapter XIII

Archives of Jeffrey Dahmer 2012

IFC Films / Wikipedia / Creative Commons / Rome Police Department /

what’s: Jeffrey Dahmer is infamous for the rape, murder, and torture of more than a dozen boys and men. This documentary is directed at Dahmer’s arrest in the summer of 1991 and includes conversations with the lead detective on the case, a medical examiner and even a neighbor of Dahmer.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video


Chapter XIII

The family I had (2017)

Search Discovery Channel /

what’s: The boy was 13 years old and his sister was 4-year-old with a nanny in 2007. They were at home. The boy strangled his little sister and strangled her eighteen times. This lesson follows their mother while she tries to understand how everything was unfolded and what consequences her son – whom he still loves – was.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video


Chapter XV

The Free Cannibal walked (2007)

Channel Five

what’s: Issei Sagawa shot and killed a woman in her bedroom. He believed that he could inhale that beauty if he ate it, so that he could eat different parts of his body for two days. He also lay with the corpse, and afterwards attempted to dispose of the remains in a lake in Gaul, where he resided. He was declared guilty for two years, most furiously, that the charges were brought against him. He was deported to Japan, where he could not be properly detained, and during that time became a mini-celebrity. The book remains up to this day. A brief proof of these things follows.

Where can you watch it: YouTube and Everyday



And Dear Zachary: A Letter to the Son of his Father (2008) |

MSNBC Films / Oscilloscope Laboratories

what’sThis document is a punch right to the stomach. It was first created as an affectionate letter to Andrew Bagby, who was killed by my girlfriend Shirley Jane Turner in 2001. At the time, Turner revealed that Bagby was pregnant with her son. This cinematic scrapbook has finally turned into a true crime documentary that will stay with you for years.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime Video


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