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2 dead after Southern California fireworks explosion




Multiple police and fire units responded to the scene, about 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, around 12:30 p.m. PST. A house was on fire, the department said.

The dramatic cell phone video shows fireworks and a plume of smoke rising above the scene.

“An explosion of this size, I imagine there could be some damage to the houses next door,” city spokesman Dan Bell said.

Reina Jimenez, who lives near the blast area, told CNN there were at least three blasts.

“The first explosion was like an earthquake or like something fell out of our closet,” Jimenez said. “The second explosion was bigger and stronger. It shook the whole house … My husband started filming when the third explosion exploded. It was also very big and strong and shook the house again. I was worried the explosion would come home so we started preparing the kids to leave. ”

The deaths occurred “in the area” of the blast and the two people have not been publicly identified, Bell said. There were people in the house who were able to get out safely, according to a fire department spokesman.

Another additional minor injury was reported, the fire chief said. The explosion is being investigated.

Evacuations of at least three streets in the neighborhood were ordered and firefighters warned residents to move away from the area.

Several structures were damaged and covered in rubble, the fire chief said. Firefighters released at least one horse from the immediate area.

Fireworks are banned in the city and cannot be sold, bought, stored, used or transported in the city, officials told CNN.

Jimenez told CNN that his family has been listening to loud fireworks in the general area for the past five years.

“About once a week, one or more of them will disappear during the summer or around July 4, and we just get used to it,” he said.

People have complained earlier in the Ring neighborhood app about the problem, however, he said.

CNN’s Alexandra Meeks and Jessica Myers reported from Los Angeles and Amir Vera wrote and reported from Atlanta. CNN’s Janine Mack contributed to this report.