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20 Scenes From “Maid” That Prove That Margaret Qualley Is The Moment



Consider this Emmy campaign from Margaret Qualley.

So Margaret Qualley has been acting for a minute. You may know her from From HBO The remainsBy Quentin Tarantino Once upon a time in hollywoodand FX Fosse / Verdon – for that latest project, she even received an Emmy nomination for her role as dancer Ann Reinking.

Now he’s back on the small screen, this time starring Netflix miniseries Maid as Alex, a single mother and survivor of domestic violence who tries to earn a living as a cleaner. His performance, in short, is absolutely stunning.

Alex is smart, funny, kind, tough, and extremely complicated, and Qualley embodies her perfectly. To pay tribute to her truly Emmy-worthy performance, here are her highlights at Maid, A must see if you haven’t seen it yet!


When a driver hits Alex’s car as she frantically runs down the highway trying to find Schmariel for her daughter Maddy.

Netflix / via

Between Maddy screaming for her wrist and the driver hitting the car with her in it, this is one of the TENSEST scenes on the show. Qualley captures all his ups and downs perfectly.


When Alex finds herself alone at the ferry station.

Netflix / via

Qualley devastatingly embodies everything Alex is going through, particularly the stress of not having anyone trustworthy to help her. You can see her silently crying to herself, but doing her best to entertain Maddy with Schmariel, the doll.


When Alex scolds Regina.

Netflix / via

After napping Mr. Darcy with Danielle inadvertently, Alex confronts Regina, and it’s very satisfying to see her disappear because Alex is such an introverted character.


When Alex helps Sean when he’s high, even though he’s trying to get Maddy away from her in court.

Netflix / via

This moment embodies Alex’s complicated relationship with his ex and abuser. It also shows that the talented Qualley and Nick Robinson are together on screen.


When Alex tells Regina that he lives for his daughter.

Netflix / via

This scene is absolutely gorgeous: Qualley and Anika Noni Rose shine together as scene partners. They both play such reserved characters, so it’s lovely when they both open up … even if Alex refers to Regina as “the c * nt” in his notebook …


When Alex narrates what his house would be like after Regina tells him about her divorce and her son.

Netflix / via

“Our space is a home because we love each other in it.” CUE THE TEARS.


When Alex realizes that she hid in the closet as a child because her father hurt her mother.

Netflix / via

Qualley spends much of his time saying “yes” and swallowing his pride to help his daughter, but the moments when Alex explodes are emotionally effective.


The heartbreaking moment where Alex’s owners kick her out for Sean’s reckless behavior at Maddy’s birthday party.

Netflix / via

Qualley is just crying in a car, not saying anything, and that says everything we need to know about what happened and how he feels.


When Alex tells Nate that they are not the same.

Netflix / via

Nate is very dreamy and the feelings are obviously mutual between them. However, Alex is well aware that her generosity is the difference between her and her family who live on the street, that there is a hidden power dynamic in his good boy act.


When Alex freezes after his mother breaks into his own house and injures his hand.

Netflix / via

Alex doesn’t even talk about the whole ordeal, but you can tell her her genuine shock and anxiety as she weighs the responsibility that has become her mother.


When Alex tells his mom he loves her at the hospital.


When Alex takes his daughter hunting bears.

Netflix / via

We also need to talk about the chemistry between Qualley and Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, who plays Maddy. Their relationship feels incredibly natural and it really moves the show forward.


When Alex becomes terribly depressed after Sean demonizes her for getting into college and returns Nate’s car.

Netflix / via

You literally feel the emptiness and loss of hope from Alex. He’s gutting.


When Alex takes Maddy off the trailer after finding her in the closet.

Netflix / via

After Sean yells at him and throws things at him, Alex’s instincts kick in when he finds his daughter hiding in a closet. She comes out of her dark place (literally, in a sequence of dreams) and tries her best to get them to safety.


When Alex meets his first customer outside of Value Maids.

Netflix / via

This intimate moment shows Alex’s intelligence, kindness, and will in the face of an embarrassed customer with a hoarding problem.


When Alex serves Sean.

Netflix / via

With real and meaningful support and a renewed sense of self, Alex serves Sean in gaining full custody of his daughter so they can move to Montana together.


When Alex confronts his mother about being homeless.

Netflix / via

Paula’s chatty and fickle nature really relies on Alex’s knowing looks and silent concern.


When Alex confronts his dad.

Netflix / via

In this painful scene with Billy Burke, Alex realizes that her father will never be there for her, so she gives up the conversation entirely. Because she sympathizes with Sean’s fight against alcohol addiction, she refuses to acknowledge that Sean emotionally abused her.


When Alex tells Paula that he is leaving without her.

Netflix / via

Once again, Qualley’s ability to express himself between the lines is flawless. Here, Alex has finally decided to leave his mother and move on with his life, no matter how much he feels obligated to take care of her. She is skeptical about her mother’s latest romance, but stops trying to rescue her.


When Alex describes his happiest day to his writing group.

Netflix / via

Alex says that his happiest day hasn’t happened yet, but he more or less describes his near future. Qualley’s narrative is brimming with this tentative sense of hope that feels especially powerful given everything Alex has been through.

What was your favorite Margaret Qualley moment in Maid? Leave your thoughts below!

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