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20-year-old with Down syndrome fighting to become Ironman




Chris Nikic epitomizes endurance.

In the 20 years the Orlando Down syndrome competes in golf, swimming, track and basketball.

Now, that’s the biggest challenge, but the assumption is, and Ironman triathlon.

Nikic late half-Ironman, a grueling 70.3-test, which includes thousands of 1.2-swim, a bike ride thousands of 56-13.1-run in eight hours and 25 minutes.

“This is the ultimate goal is to accomplish,” Chris said.

In that time he has qualified to compete in the November 7, Ironman race in Panama City Beach Florida. Ironman football in hopes developer is in pain.

“He tried focusing on a 1-percent kid with Down syndrome may be time to do extraordinary things done,” said Nik Nikic, Chris’s father.

Chris is attempting to become the first Ironman with Down Syndrome.

The middle of the road in silence, ironman Carl Orff chronicled 360 Sports, which is to invest photojournalist. You can watch the videos and the feature by clicking on the top of which is in the play.