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25 Sex Toys That’ll Match Your Halloween Costume



These eggs are medium-soft firm and measure (on average) 2 “H 5” in circumference, weighing 1.8-2 ounces. Some users recommend using these eggs with the Naga Dragon Ovipositor created by the same seller. Also, these are specifically for vaginal games. no analSo don’t try to shove this up your ass please.

Promising reviews: “AMAZING! OH MY GOD! These are gorgeous, beautifully designed and have taught me some new things about myself that I didn’t know before. Customer service is fast and friendly! Glad I shopped from Fantasticocks, and will definitely be back to do more shopping. 😍 “—Christopher Wilcox

“I bought two of these previously and quickly fell in love. I have been a huge fan of oviposition for a long time and these eggs are very very good. After the first two I decided I wanted at least one more so I gave myself one. good dose and got another pair. It’s so worth it. Very good. Me and my boyfriend love to use them, definitely one of my favorite toys. ” —Alternativeweeb

Get it from Fantasticcks on Etsy for $ 5 + (available in eight varieties).

Fantasticocks is an Ohio-based queer, female-owned sex boutique that creates premium-grade silicone sex toys designed for all bodies and desires.

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