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3 dead, 1 injured after plane crash in Pembroke Pines neighborhood




Pembroke Pines, FLA. (WSVN) – Three people died, including a young woman is injured after a plane crashed in a residential area near North St. Thomas Airport Pembroke Pines.

The latest Pembroke Pines and rescue crews responded to a fire near the stage 72 Avenue in Pembroke Pines southwest of 13th Street, around 3 pm, Monday.

According to Pembroke Pines Fire and needy, and the two people on board the Beechcraft Bonanza at the time of the crash. He died at the scene had taken place.

Federal Aviation Administration investigators said the Beechcraft was forced to turn back around to the North Thomas Airport shortly after takeoff. The power of an SUV customers to engage by the line of the bridge, after a few of their feet cut off.

A young woman and child, who were inside the SUV, were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital and traumatic injuries. Pembroke Pines Fire Chief M. Rodriguez confirmed that the child died from violent late Monday evening.

Conscious aerial footage showed the woman while she was set to be watchful on the back of an ambulance. The boy, were inside the car to be freed by firefighters.

“I have never seen anything like that in this life,” Elshaer rise, which called 911, said. “The car just by the letter looks like it’s half. I am planning against the pilot. It’s so sad and I saw it on the people. The when it hurts, and it’s shocking. “

He said one woman arrived home minutes before the plane went down. He added her children in the garden at the time of the incident, but not OK to be injured.

“We heard like a bomb, and the tremendous noise and went outside and everything on fire,” dwelling Annabell Fernandez said. “All the evils is to say, and as you know, came to the cars. That as the plane was not to know what took hold of all of us; nor so much as we are in me, and I was struck by the.”

The impact ring captured in a nearby room in the home. Aerial footage shows the plane of the SUV, and the ashes that are involved in the battle damaged.

FAA Safety Board investigators arrived at the scene and National lorem to investigate the crash.

The identity will not be released to the board.

As German Garzon said residents near the crash at the airport have become more frequent, and when they leave their home and nervous knowing the airport near.

“Generally this is normal, which is about once in a while, and the plane is,” he said. “Accident and back case – yeah, a lot of people are concerned about it.”

Luis Alvarez in Pisae 25 years lived.

“It’s a bit annoying,” Alvarez said. “You got in grandkids. You are working in. And your daughter calls you. She was crying, hysterical. I thought something happened and is pretty devastating.”

In the past 10 months, there were five crashes near the airport. Each of these four times of the crashes with a fatal blow when he came to a total of five of the generals brought about the deaths.

“It’s a way of” introduction said. “After this year, it was there’s a lot of plane crashes. It’s pretty devastating to any particular happened to them. It is quite sad. “

In December 2020, a plane crashed carrying two adults and two children. All four on board were taken to the hospital.

“All I see going down the plane and thinking, ‘Wait a minute, there’s not many asphalt here for them in the ground,’ ‘he said in testimony to the crash.

One of the plane when the pilot attempted to land upside-down emergency landing.

Another crash involved a small experimental plane. The pilot was killed in the crash.

“We heard a loud bang if you saw it, and that’s all,” witness follows.

2020 May, that was slain with the school as long as the flight of a plane in flight, passes down through the Miramar exercise.

“Very soon I heard the sirens, helicopters and upper again. He came at once,” the witness said.

Some stay near the airport to the previous crashes investigation.

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