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3 valet workers identified in deadly crash caused by reckless driver near sports bar Friday night




HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Three hospital workers were hit after police say they were killed when officers took a driver in a chase before losing control and crashing into a trio who worked at a sports bar near the bar.

It happened around 10:30 pm near the Prospect Park Sports Bar and Kitchen in the 3100 block of Fountain View Drive Friday night.

The driver of the vehicle was spotted entangled in a donuts lot by officials as they were trying to stop him from making a bowl, according to Houston police.

When the driver took off and afterward lost control, he went into a ditch and attacked three men, according to hospital authorities, who were working outside the sports bar.

Three young people known to be 18 years old Fnan Measho22 years Erik Ordunaand Nick Rodriguez.

“My son and these other poor families are mourning like us because of them,” Eric’s mother, Rose, said. “The police should have been following this. It should have been like that. So now I have to bury my son and two other young guys. One of them was my son’s best friend. Very good kids, just nice. It just breaks my heart.”

Erik was the youngest of three sons Rose and is described as a kind-hearted, hard worker who had a love for cars.

“Always respecting others, always,” Rose said. “Sister, brother, father. But I think I’m always more concerned with my health, and now I don’t believe he’s gone.”
Measho’s family said the former Bellaire High School star is struggling to support his family. Measho is also studying Criminology at the University of Houston and has grown up with an aspiration to be a police officer to protect the community.

The founders of both Measho and Orduna established the families to help oversee the burial and burial of the victims’ own family.

“We have suffered our family” [a] loss and tragedy among others,” Eric’s sister Elizabeth said. “My message is just love to your family and just being there for each other. Life is really short, and I am mourning the loss of my infant brother for the rest of my life.

On Sunday evening, Prospect Park only confirmed Rodriguez’s identity. No other information on Rodriguez was available.

In addition to the confirmation, a representative from Prospect Park also announced the creation of the balloon emission in honor of the victims on Monday, Oct. 4 will be 7 pm.

Houston police say the suspect had no life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital while in police custody.

Authorities told ABC13 that when he was released from the hospital, he was awaiting trial.

“One person decided to get a ticket and refused to go to jail,” said Sean Teare, chief of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office of Vehicle Crimes. “We’re talking about three people who just work here. They did their job, going back from car cars to having more cars. This one is so brilliant as long as we’ve seen it in the studio or something like that.”

Prospect Park released the following Sunday afternoon:

“On Friday 1 October 2021, approximately 10:30 PM, it happened near the South Prospect Park premises (3100 Fountain View Dr, Houston, TX 77057). 3 Chamberlain contract partners were fatally struck. A vehicle on Fairdale Rd. is currently being investigated by the Houston Police Department. We have been dealing with the families of the victims and we urge the families of the 3 victims to keep their thoughts and prayers. Over the next few days, we will have information written on @Prospectparkhouston about how you can help us celebrate the lives of desperate people.”

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