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31 Inexpensive Skincare Products From Walmart That Have Impressive 5-Star Reviews For A Reason



With affordable skincare products *this* good and well reviewed, your face is sure to thank you for trying them (and your wallet will too).

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A nourishing Super Greens jelly cucumber mask with a texture so dreamy and delightful, you’ll feel like you just got out of a fancy facial appointment after using it.

Promising review: “I have been wanting a soothing face mask and stumbled upon this on Thus mask smells great, is soothing, and is highly moisturizing to the skin. My skin was left incredibly smooth and supple. I would highly recommend this face mask. Not only is it incredibly cheap, but it works really well. I am very impressed!” —lekhamary

Price: $8


A Mario Badescu facial spray that I seriously use *daily* (at the very least). It’s super refreshing when you first get home and feel sweaty and grimy, or when you’ve just woken up and want a little sweet-smelling revival.

Promising review: “I use this soothing spray under my evening face oil and it’s very soothing and allows me to spread the oil nicely. In the morning, my skin feels very supple and elastic, and this greatly helps the oil to work into and moisturize my skin. Very happy with this version of the MB facial spray!” —Kafu

Price: $12 (available in three scents)


A nondrying, nonirritating Cerave foaming face cleanser for dry to oily skin. Reviewers *rave* that all you need is one pump of this stuff a day, some water, and you’ll see clearer, smoother, softer skin quickly.

Promising review: “I used this cleanser one single time and it is now my ‘go-to’ AND the only thing I will ever use again. I have normal to oily skin (some dry spots) and after using this one time, my face is smooth, clean, clear, and soft! Hands down the best facial cleanser that I’ve ever used. Trust me: I buy a LOT of bath/beauty products and this is it. You won’t regret buying it.” —Karen

Price: $14.97


An Aquaphor healing ointment specifically designed for sensitive skin that, come wintertime, will be your new BFF. Use it on your hands, lips, feet, and wherever else you’re prone to cracked skin (ugh, the worst).

Promising review: “I had a really bad reaction to an acne topical treatment I was prescribed; I developed small bumps all over my face, itchy skin, and red skin. Aquaphor was my saving grace — it truly saved my skin (in just one week)! The bumps cleared up, my skin is so soft, it does not react with my acne, and I have less redness. I apply a thin layer at night after cleansing my face and over-top my Fab Ultra Repair cream. I would definitely recommend trying this out if you are struggling with your skin, particularly if you have dry skin or a damaged skin barrier. I hope it works for y’all too!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $6.96


A replenishing Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel moisturizer that, with its super special hyaluronic acid formula, instantly quenches extra-dry skin. Bonus: You can wear it under your makeup.


Promising review: “I was very excited to receive this product. I have used it every night since it arrived and I am very impressed. When I first start putting it on my face, my skin feels like it is tingling, and then my skin starts to feel really soft. My face does not feel like it is clogged up after putting on other face creams. It feels real smooth and silky and fresh. I have noticed that after putting this on my face does not feel oily or greasy and there is no shine either. My husband has even commented on how soft my skin feels and how natural my face looks. I have noticed also that it has smoothed out a few of my fine lines, and that makes me feel really great.” —IdahoDee10

Price: $17.12


A reviving Equate Beauty eye cream so you need not worry if you haven’t gotten enough shut-eye; you’ll still look fresh as a daisy in the morning.

Promising review: “This has been my go-to eye cream for some time now. It works just as good as the well known name brand eye cream without the big price. I can see a difference in the fine lines and crow’s feet around my eye area. I love that it doesn’t irritate my eyes and a little goes a long way.” —wforbes

Price: $7.87


A Cleen Beauty vitamin C papaya glow serum that acts as a natural exfoliator for your gorgeous face, giving you a bright, dewy finish. Think of it as a mood booster for your skin.


Promising review: “I’ve been wearing glasses daily since 2017 and they made dark spots on both sides of my nose. Since February 2021, I’ve been using this serum in the morning and the spots have really diminished, and other hyperpigmentation in my skin has improved too!” —Gabrielle

Price: $9.97


A Sea Breeze sensitive skin facial cleanser great for trapping dirt and oil *before* they become huge problems, leaving with you a pleasant tingle while helping you remove the day’s makeup to boot.


Promising review: “I’ve been using Sea Breeze for years. I really like using it. It is very refreshing on my face. Does not sting or burn like some brands that contain alcohol and dry your face out. Will definitely be purchasing again for years to come like I have done before. Keep Sea Breezing along!” —Lisa

Price: $3.97


An E.l.f. lip exfoliator infused with vitamin E and shea butter because you deserve to have nourished, conditioned, super-kissable lips no matter how dry the air may be.


Promising review: “This lip exfoliator is amazing!! This is my second order. Easy to use, the smell is delicious, leaving my lips absolutely soft and taking away those tiny peeled skins areas on the lips! I’m obsessed; and the price is affordable!” —Yamil

Price: $4 (available in two colors)


A pack of Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing face wipes that has seriously become my go-to when it comes to getting off mascara, eyeshadow, and foundation at the end of a long night. Not only does it feel great on your skin, it’s super effective *and* suitable for contact wearers like me.


Promising review: “I love these! They get off all the black eye makeup without much rubbing and cause no irritation to my eyes. Saves all my pillowcases and washcloths and towels from makeup damage. I always travel with them.” —Janet

Price: $8.93+ (available in two pack sizes)


A Yes to Tomatoes detoxifying charcoal paper mask to give your skin the much needed antioxidant boost it’s been craving. It’s rich, creamy, and works its magic in just 10 minutes.


Promising review: “It kind of tingles in a refreshing way. Smells great and is very moist. Easy and relaxing to use, leaving your skin feeling fresh, soft, and clean. At first, I was skeptical but now I’m a new fan. I will definitely be stocking up on these.” —TellTheTruth1586

Price: $3.72


A pack of Cetaphil cleansing cloths so versatile, you’ll want to bring them with you absolutely everywhere you go. Use these ultra-soft towelettes (that *won’t* dry out your skin) after the gym, a long night of dancing, or before you eat, and get ready to feel ultra-refreshed all the time.


Promising review: “Hands down the best makeup remover wipes I’ve yet to try. Every single wipe I used has the perfect wetness to it! I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so one wipe did the job. They didn’t dry out my skin.” —cynthia1994

Price: $5.97


A Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel hydrating toner with rosewater that helps to remove irritants while gently nourishing your skin and refining your pores. Say buh-bye to blotchy skin when you wake up.


Promising review: “I absolutely love this stuff so far. I have oily skin and every time I use a toner, it dries my face out, robs me of my natural oils, and makes me look blotchy. After using this, my skin feels soft and clean and I don’t look blotchy, either. It goes great with my morning and night routine. Two thumbs up!!” —Britt

Price: $5.90


An incredible Garnier anti-puff eye roller that’s a total must-have for anyone prone to getting bags under their eyes. With its mix of mint, caffeine, and vitamin C, this beauty de-puffs, cools, and refreshes in the *blink of an eye*.


Promising review: “I use it every morning and night. I missed a day and immediately saw bags under my eyes, then started using it again and it greatly diminished the darkness and bags under my eyes. Purchasing again!” —Elena

Price: $12.41 (originally $14.64)


A soothing Aveeno Eczema moisturizing cream with oatmeal because if you’re like me and get that awful “itch that rashes,” you’ll love this daily cream that greatly reduces redness, irritation, and dryness, restoring your skin to a softer, healthier state.

Promising review: “I love this product. I have bee trying to find a good lotion for my skin. I have super-sensitive skin. Just buying a typical detergent gets my skin to break out in hives. This lotion really kept it moisturized for a long time.” —Lucy

Price: $11.67


A bottle of Hawaiian Tropic 30 SPF spray sunscreen you can pop in your bag and reapply on the go throughout the day. It’s water and moisture resistant, too, so even if you sweat, this stuff stays on and protects your skin from harsh UV rays.

Promising review: “I feel like I am in a Hawaiian Tropic paradise when I use this product. I smell like the beach, even when I’m at work or going out with friends. Plus it keeps my skin hydrated, making my real tan OR spray tan last longer.” —Gretchie2

Price: $8.92


A delectable Alba Botanica pineapple enzyme facial cleanser chock full o’ skin-brightening papaya, pineapple, aloe, hibiscus, and passion flower, so you’re basically applying a botanical bounty of natural healing to your skin.

Promising review: “I love this makeup remover! It works just as good as any top-notch brand. I knew I could find something this good without having to pay a lot like I do for other brands. Sure enough, I was lucky to find this product. It does not leave my face or eyes feeling even slightly dry, and it leaves my face perfectly clean. I do recommend it!” —Brenda

Price: $9.97


An award-winning Freeman clay face mask made with avocado (um, one of the *best* fruits, honestly) so you and your bestie can have a little spa night that results in skin so radiant, it’s like you’re wearing a permanent filter.


Promising review: “Freeman is one of my favorite face wash lines. I’ve been using this as a mask and I love it! The texture is thick and it goes on easily and smoothly. I haven’t had any reactions to it whatsoever. There really isn’t a scent, which I appreciate. It always leaves my face feeling and looking fresh.” —Ryan

Price: $3.27


A pack of Bioré Original deep-cleansing blackhead-removing pore strips famous for their ability to bind to stubborn blackheads and other surface impurities like dirt and oil, leaving you feeling like you’ve just had a deep-cleansing facial. Blackheads, begone.


Promising review: “I wouldn’t recommend using these strips every single day on your nose; I only use them maybe once or twice a week and they do wonders. And you can just look and see how much dirt and oils it removed that was deep in your pores. Definitely worth purchasing.” —Maeyu

Price: $5.88+ (available in two pack sizes)


A Neutrogena nongreasy SPF 70 sunscreen stick that glides on your face, arms, and legs smoothly, doesn’t leave icky residue, *and* is perfect for travel, whether it’s an island vacation or a hike around your neighborhood. Seriously one of my fave sun-blocking products.


Promising review: “This is a great product for my skin. It does the job I need it to do, and that is protect my skin! I also use this under my makeup and it works perfectly.” —Sophia18

Price: $8.97


A pack of Alba Botanica pimple patches to battle breakouts and banish acne for good. Not only do they feel great on your face, they’ll encourage you to stop picking at pimples and popping, which only leads to scarring anyway.

Promising review: “Anytime I feel a bad or deep pimple coming, I slap one of these one and leave it overnight and it totally works. I also use it on pimples that are already surfaced, and after wearing it overnight or a few hours, the pimple is completely gone! I always have a box of these in my medicine cabinet.” —Courtney

Price: $7.97


A luxurious Earth to Skin banana brightening eye cream infused with luscious fruit extracts (including mango, yum) that you simply dab along your orbital bone after washing your face and watch in awe as dark circles and patches vanish. They don’t call ’em “super fruits” for nothing.

Promising review: “I applied it under my eyes and it felt smooth, with a delicious aroma! It smells like bananas! The price was fantastic! I am totally pleased with this purchase. Smooth and feels good.” —Cshores

Price: $14.40


A Conair facial-cleansing brush which comes in two speeds, three brush attachment types, and is *oh so powerful* for removing dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. The soft bristles rotate as they massage your skin, leaving you super glowy after every use.


Promising review: “This is a great little facial-cleaning brush! I’ve been using it for about a week and this is the cleanest my face has been in years! I bought the Olay Cleanse soap with it and it gives my face a deep cleaning while I rotate the brush at the same time. The brush is soft and gives me a nice relaxing massage, too! I highly recommend it and rate it five stars!” —CAL

Price: $12.94


A pack of four Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balms providing cooling, long-lasting lip comfort. Tiny enough to slip into your pocket, you’ll definitely want to stock these classic balms in your gym bag, car, desk drawer, purse, and pretty much all around the house.

Promising review: “This is the only lip balm I use. I have been a loyal user for over five years. The consistency is thick, and it stays on my lips. I have a tube in all my desks at work, I wear one on my lanyard, have a tube in my purse and gym bag, and, of course, it’s a nighttime staple located on my nightstand.” —Carrie

Price: $9.57


An Earth to Skin manuka honey calming face cleanser to make your life and skin care routine a *whole lot sweeter*. No matter what kind of skin stress you’re struggling with, this baby will help wash it all away and leave you feeling like the queen bee you are.


Promising review: “This is it. I have found MY cleanser, the only one I will ever use now. I received a sample of it in my Walmart beauty box and I am SO glad because otherwise I would have never discovered it. My face is GLOWING; something that I’ve never been able to say while using any other cleanser. It has a thick consistency (like honey) and a little bit goes a LONG way. It foams up really well and my skin is instantly fresher and smoother. I use it to remove my makeup and it does an amazing job.” —Laura

Price: $6.96


A Clean & Clear oil-free daily face wash made with ginseng and vitamin C so you get a massive burst of morning energy as you rinse off and any and all impurities and buildup from the night before. It’s like a shot of espresso for your skin, *and* it smells amazing.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this and I will keep buying it every time! It lasts a long time, feels fresh, clean, and the beads along with the citrusy scent really help give you a fresh morning clean feel!” —Dee

Price: $4.97


A Garnier micellar cleansing water that’s perfectly gentle on all skin types, allowing you to easily remove your makeup, whether or not it’s waterproof (even if you’re dealing with stubborn eyelash glue and sticky mascara).

Promising review: “This is probably the best makeup remover I have ever used! It takes off everything and is so affordable. I purchased this item from a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed, as it lasts a long time. I love to double-cleanse when removing makeup, so I use this product and then wash my face with my regular facial cleanser.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $6.78


A Bubble Skincare clay mask complete with its very own applicator brush to pull out toxins and other pore-clogging pests from your skin, no matter how sensitive it might be.


Promising review: “The best clay mask there is! Super easy to use and I love how easy it is to wash off. It’s extremely gentle but very effective. My skin feels soft, smooth, and fresh after use! It can also be used as a spot treatment so the price is amazing, especially considering all it can do!” —Kira

Price: $18.98


Olay’s Regenerist retinol moisturizer if you’re serious about getting a major skin glow-up while you sleep. Use it regularly for 28 days and you’ll begin to wake up to a world of difference.

Promising review: “Superlative product. I’ve been using this product for years and it is excellent. There are more expensive anti-aging products out there, but in my opinion, this delivers similar results, even compared to a $300 jar of Mer moisturizer.” —Marilyn

Price: $28.94


A Skintimate Signature raspberry shave gel because when it comes to navigating the *bumpy* roads of razor burn (get it?), this sweet-smelling gel is truly a skin-saving winner.

Promising review: “I loved the Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel! It gave me a nice smooth shave, smelled wonderful, and I could actually see what I was shaving! It also does a nice job of giving my legs back the moisture that it usually takes out when I shave.” —Amy B

Price: $2.97


A Soap & Glory scrub for when the going gets rough, but you want your skin to stay *silky smooth*. Buff away dirt, oils, whatever, and give yourself an all-body glisten.


Promising review: “This body polish had a really pleasant smell. The texture was great as it didn’t feel harsh and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a body polish/scrub.” —Ferdmom1418

Price: $11.98

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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