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Instagram has been active for more than ten years, and in that period it has launched a lot of updates and modifications to its design that have made it vital for companies to stay abreast of the most recent advancements if they desire to continue to see their profiles grow.

The challenge now is, how do you adapt? By studying and adopting alternative expansion strategies. Instagram restricts the usage of any service that promotes community growth through paid participation. Using deceptive ways to artificially boost your account’s popularity will harm you in the long term and may result in account suspension.

For this reason, it is essential for businesses to establish a plan for actual, organic growth on Instagram, which is outlined below.

  • Using Instagram Stickers in Your Stories 

Stickers in Instagram Stories are a fun and simple way to engage your audience, which can help you gain followers.

Polls, questions, countdowns, quizzes, and emoji sliders are among the interactive stickers available for use in Stories. One of the most popular Instagram Stories features is the “question” sticker. 

Using the “questions” sticker, you may conduct quick, one-on-one talks with your Instagram followers. You can either designate a theme and help motivate to submit questions on that subject, or you can just invite followers to submit broad inquiries.

Putting up an Ask Me Anything (AMA) sticker is a great use for them (ask me anything).The trend that originated in the early 2000s on Reddit has rapidly moved to Instagram Stories

You will be astounded by the amount of participation this tiny inquiry box generates. Instagram users prize belonging to a community. Inviting people to ask questions is a wonderful technique for doing so. Once you’ve gathered all of the questions, don’t forget to use your tales to answer them.

     2.  Create and Promote Personal Memes

All users can ultimately be won over by the power of the meme. They possess wit, inventiveness, and an approachable nature. In the year 2022, it will be essential to be approachable.

And if you utilise the appropriate meme, your followers will like, comment, and share your message excitedly. There is the possibility for a meme in every industry and speciality. The number of times your post is shared, whether it’s reposted on someone else’s Instagram Story or forwarded to a friend, will raise its engagement. Confused about where to begin?

      3. Finance original creation and a variety of content.

No longer is the feed the sole location where people can interact with material. Additional content types that can be tracked include Instagram Stories responses, IGTV episode views, and Story mentions. As Instagram offers new features, such as Instagram Reels, users have additional opportunities to connect with their content, which can increase their organic reach .

If you’ve simply done in-feed articles or rarely tried Stories, we recommend committing to a few Stories every week so you can create consistency and plan content. Instagram Stories offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experiment with various methods for growing your following and acquiring new users.

      4. Calls to action should be included in captions.

The efficacy of calls to action (CTAs) has been repeatedly demonstrated. The most effective way to generate interaction with your Instagram post is to include a question as a call to action. 

However, don’t forget to ask an honest question. You do not want your audience to perceive it as a cheap attempt at crowd engagement. It may appear that you are simply interested in gaining likes and retweets if you post a selfie in which you ask your Instagram followers to name their favourite food. 

In contrast, your community will be more likely to engage with you in the comments area if you begin with a factual anecdote and then ask a related question. It is up to you to construct your questions. You can do a survey to determine what your audience wants to read from you, where they want to vacation, and what restaurants they want to sample.

    5. Be yourself in your Instagram Stories.

Personalizing your Instagram posts is a fantastic approach to increase connection with your followers. The sharing of stories facilitates the use of personal anecdotes, follow-up inquiries, and eye contact as conversation starters and rapport-building techniques in a casual context.

It is essential to periodically display your face as a brand. To retain your supporters, you must demonstrate that you are more than just a brand.


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