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5 best realistic Minecraft texture packs in 2021




Minecraft is full of great Texture package options. There are many different types of texture packs, including hyperrealistic ones.

Many Minecraft players like to use realistic texture packs in their games. Players either use these texture packs because they spice up their world or because they work really well with their buildings.

Whatever the case, there are many realistic texture pack options that Minecraft players can choose from. You can easily find and download most of these texture packs for free from trusted sites with Minecraft resources like Curseforge.

Realistic texture packs have been around in Minecraft since its early days. Here is a list of some of the most realistic texture packs for Minecraft that players will download in 2021.

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What are the best realistic texture packs for Minecraft?

# 1 – NAPP

The NAPP texture pack changes the whole feel of Minecraft. All the blocks are needed, from ores and dirt to the trees, and give them a realistic twist. It makes each block look 3D and almost removes the pixelated feel of Minecraft vanilla.

The NAPP texture pack is available for the latest version Minecraft (1.16.5). This texture pack will amaze players with its photorealism and make them feel like they are playing a completely different video game while retaining the same charm of Minecraft.

The texture package for NAPP was created by artist Del_Cieno. Players can download it here.

# 2 – LB Photo Realism Reload

Minecraft’s LB Photo Realism Reload texture package really highlights details found in nature. This package is great for players looking for detailed grass, water and plants. Sometimes every blade wheat can be seen.

This is the perfect package for use on medieval material. Walking through a village with the LB Photo Realism Reload texture pack can feel like an explosion into the past of older European villages.

LB Photo Realism Reload was created with a few inspirations, all of which can be found on the download page. This texture pack is actually an upgrade of a previous texture pack called LB Photo Realism.

Players can download this Minecraft texture pack here.

# 3 – Battered Old Stuff

Battered Old Stuff is a Minecraft texture pack inspired by old rusty items found in old sheds. The pack maker once talked about that feeling of nostalgia that people have when they see rusty and beaten objects in the sheds of their grandparents. They wanted to bring that same nostalgia to Minecraft.

This Texture package changes many items in Minecraft to make them feel more beaten and rusty. It gives Minecraft a sense of realism not usually seen in the vanilla version of the game.

Windows feels richer and more fragile, and blocks like trees and cobblestones add immense detail. This packaging goes so far as to turn the iron giants into a dark gray color like iron looks in the real world.

Battered Old Stuff was created by Minecraft lover ozBillo. Players can find Texture package here. It is advisable to install Optifine before trying Battered Old Stuff.

# 4 – MeineKraft

Minecraft’s MeineKraft texture pack is a fanmade package that adds shaders and hyperrealistic textures to many items in the game. This texture pack comes in an ultra HD version as well as a regular version.

One really striking aspect of MeineCraft is how vivid the colors are on certain objects and blocks. It creates a whole new sense of play. Many food products have received a correspondingly realistic renewal in this texture packaging.

MeineKraft was created by Minecraft fan Honeyball for Minecraft 1.14. Since then, three creators Merlinmo, ACGaming and Loreon have taken over the project and updated it for Minecraft 1.16.5. Players can download MeineKraft here.

# 5 – Extreme realism

Realism Extreme is a Minecraft texture pack that is mostly known for its realistic performance of brick and cobblestone. This texture pack provides all the realism that Minecraft players crave. Wooden structures and blocks have hyperrealistic patterns that could resemble real hardwood floors.

Stone i cobblestones the blocks also look extremely defined in this texture pack. It is an excellent package for handling and building older Minecraft materials such as wooden planks, cobblestones and bricks.

To download a texture pack, players should click this link. Realism Extreme is only for very advanced PCs. It requires at least 8 GB of RAM and a premium graphics card like RTX.

Disclaimer: This article includes the opinion of the author.

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