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5 fastest GTA Online off-road vehicles in June 2021



Speed ​​is the name of the game for any car in GTA Online, and this also applies to off-road vehicles.

All of the speeds listed in this article are determined by the Broughy method developed by Broughy1322, as it is far more reliable than in-game speed statistics (which are often shown to be far lower than they actually are). This list takes into account only the maximum speed of off-road vehicles without external factors.

Note: Only vehicles listed as off-road vehicles will be presented in this article do not include engines. Fast vehicles with off-road wheels are also not considered on this list.

The 5 fastest motorcycle off-road vehicles in GTA Online since June 2021

# 5 – Camacho

Kamacho in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
Kamacho in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Kamacho is the fifth fastest off-road vehicle in GTA Online (not including engines). Its actual top speed is 187.79 km / h, which is quite a deviation from the speed provided in the game (83.26 mph / 134 km / h).

Kamacho can be purchased for $ 345,000, making it the cheapest entry on this list.

# 4 – Brawler

Brawler in GTA Online (Picture via GTA Online)
Brawler in GTA Online (Picture via GTA Online)

The brawler was introduced in GTA 5 and online as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update. It is heavily influenced by Local Motors Rally Fighter.

The real top speed of the vehicle (which is not listed in the game) is 189.50 km / h, which makes it quite stolen given its low price.

The brawler can be purchased for $ 715,000 at GTA Online.

# 3 – Sasquatch (Apocalypse / Future Shock / Nightmare)

Sasquatch variant Nightmare (Image via GTA Wiki)
Sasquatch variant Nightmare (Image via GTA Wiki)

Bravado Sasquatch is the first of two Arena Wars vehicles on this list. All versions of Sasquatch work the same way, with the only big difference between the three being their design.

This vehicle can exceed up to 195.13 km / h in GTA Online, regardless of the version the player chooses.

Any variant of the Bravado Sasquatch costs $ 1,530,875 at full price.

# 2 – Hobo

Hobo in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
Hobo in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

The second fastest off-road vehicle in GTA Online is the Vagrant, which goes up to 197.14 km / h. It complements perfectly with fast acceleration and solid handling, making it a great choice for zipping alongside other players while off the field.

The price is $ 2,214,000 at full price, but can be purchased for $ 1,660,500 at its trade price.

# 1 – Brutus (Apocalypse / Future Shock / Nightmare)

A variant of Brutus from the Apocalypse (Image via GTA Wiki)
Apocalyptic variant of Brutus (Image via GTA Wiki)

Declasse Brutus doesn’t look like the fastest vehicle around, but it is technically the fastest off-road vehicle in GTA Online, running at 198.75 km / h, according to Broughy1322. This is noticeably different from what the game shows (86.99 km / h or 140 km / h).

Each variation of the Declasse Brutus costs $ 2,666,650, although it can crash at its trade price of $ 2,005,000.

Note: This article is subjective and exclusively reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh



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