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5 features GTA 6 should take from GTA 1



A GTA series going back to its roots would be a fascinating thing, especially if GTA 6 borrowed some great features from GTA 1.

Given that GTA 6 is still nowhere in sight, many fans have resorted to speculation about what might be in play. Leaks are minimal at the moment, so most fans are just waiting around and doing nothing about GTA 6.

Although it could take years GTA 6 will even be announced, which did not prevent fans from postulating which functions should be in the game and which should not be in it. Usually fans like to think about more popular and modern titles, but this article will focus on GTA 1 – the game that started everything.

The five characteristics of GTA 6 should be borrowed from GTA 1

# 5 – Multiplayer

Fans want GTA 6 to have its own multiplayer way (unofficial image via
Fans want GTA 6 to have its own multiplayer way (unofficial image via

To the surprise of most modern GTA fans, the original GTA game had multiple players. Players used a null modem cable or a regular LAN connection to play each other in GTA 1.

Many players would appreciate if GTA 6 had a network mode that is not as lean as GTA Online. Even if it was dirty like GTA Online, owning some internet features would be great considering that the oldest GTA title at the time had a limited form.

# 4 – Flame thrower

Flamethrower, as seen in GTA 1 (Image via GTA Wiki)
Flamethrower, as seen in GTA 1 (Image via GTA Wiki)

Flamethrower is a classic weapon in most GTA games, but has been absent since GTA 4 centered it. It has not yet appeared in GTA 5 or GTA Online, which means that once a classic weapon, it is now just a relic of the past.

Given how unrealistic several modern GTA Online weapons are, it wouldn’t be too unheard of for GTA 6 to include the Flamethrower of all things.

# 3 – Visit London again

Two GTA 1 expansion packages revolve around London (Image via 2H2K)

London expansion packages were an interesting idea GTA 1, especially since London has never been visited again since. Given how important London is in cultural terms, there are many ways GTA 6 could make a re-visit to the city interesting.

Alternatively, it would be to have additional expansion packs or DLC.

# 2 – Different options of the main character

Customization has been a key feature in most modern GTA games, but players are often stuck with no options in terms of which protagonist they want to play. GTA 5 mitigated that a bit by having three protagonists, but differs from GTA 1.

In GTA 1, a player could choose one of many possible protagonists to play. That doesn’t change much considering how rude GTA 1 is as a game, but it would be a fun concept to revisit the far more technologically advanced GTA 6.

# 1 – Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City in one game

A dream about a tube for many GTA 6 fans (Picture via ZacCoxTV)
A dream about a tube for many GTA 6 fans (Picture via ZacCoxTV)

The idea of ​​Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City being like visible locations in one game for most GTA fans it sounds like a dream. Unfortunately, this only happened in GTA 1, which was long before fans fell in love with these locations.

In addition, the 2D universe has shown these locations that are significantly different from theirs 3D and HD coleagues. It is extremely unlikely that GTA 6 will ever have all three major locations in one game, but it is a dream that many GTA fans will have for years to come.

Note: This article is subjective and exclusively reflects the opinion of the writer.


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