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5 most interesting GTA 5 RP backstories



GTA 5 RP stories are something different compared to the official series.

Some GTA 5 RPs of the past are scary and ridiculously bad, but there is also a range of valuable knowledge to discover. Since GTA 5 RP is heavily influenced by someone’s creativity, this will result in some interesting past.

What players find “interesting” is, of course, subjective. However, the histories listed in this article are worth discussing, especially since some of the characters associated with it are so popular. It should also be assumed that all GTA 5 RP characters in this article will be from NoPixel because it is the most popular server with the best documentation.

5 best past stories in GTA 5 RP

# 5 – Bovice Wilkinson

As for Bovice Wilkinson’s past, he’s just a violent and ruthless criminal who surpasses most GTA 5 RP characters in a literal sense. Much of the story associated with Bovice has become a central part of the GTA 5 RP lore.

Bovice Wilkinson is a man who loves to commit crimes and is crazy as much as he comes. Unfortunately, not much is known about his past.

# 4 – Four Tee

As weird as the name “Four Tee” may be, its past can be considered more tragic than anything else. As a small child, Four Tee lived in a “black box,” which would eventually socially isolate her from everyone else.

Her only friend at the time was a bear soaked in blood, which should come as no surprise given how unstable it can look in normal GTA 5 RP sessions.

# 3 – James Tinklebottom

More often than not, GTA 5 RP characters tend to have some funny past that is borderline and comical. However, James Tinklebott’s past is more serious in comparison.

Tinklebottom goes to Los Santos because he killed his wife and daughter, which is an action that has plagued him ever since. As a result, he has avoided romance and is a troubled person.

# 2 – Kyle Prev

Kyle Pred’s history is questionable given how unreliable he is as a narrator, but there are some details that seem somewhat plausible.

Kyle slept with his old boss’s wife, but continued to work until he took leave. This somehow led to Kyle becoming an investigator of paranormal activities. Even stranger than that, he abandoned that hobby when a female vampire wanted to kill another man by stabbing him in the heart.

It’s a weird story to say the least, but it’s all an interesting past, especially since Kyle Pred isn’t a particularly reliable person.

# 1 – Uchiha Jones

Players don’t have to love Uchiha Jones as a character, but his past in the game GTA 5 RP server, NoPixel, is interesting to some extent.

When he was four, Uchiha Jones testified that his parents were brutally killed. Strangely, his sensei beheaded his parents, so Jones moved to Los Santos to look for him.

Somewhere along the way, Uchiha Jones would acquire some cyber limbs and develop strange personality traits that he still shows today (like calling people “fuck” as an expression of love).

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

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