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5 rappers we would love to see in Fortnite after Travis Scott



Fortnite may have followed suit while they had a rapper Travis Scott perform a live concert in the game. Nothing like what has ever been done before: combining live events with video games.

Fortnite has held live events before. Almost every season has had a live event to close or launch. But when Travis Scott performed almost in front of a crowd of fans and players, it was revolutionary. Roblox followed suit as Lil Nas X performed live in the game.

Now there is talk of another live concert taking place at Fortnite. The live event on Believer Beach seems to have been prepared for the concert, but no performer has been named yet. Here are five rappers Fortnite can consider for their next live concert.

5 benchmarks that Fortnite can use

5. Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd declared himself a Fortnite god and would make a good virtual concert. He is similar to Travis Scott and even has a hit song with him. Bringing it to Fortnite would simply follow the path set by Travis Scott for the first time.

Trippie Redd.  Picture via Forbes
Trippie Redd. Picture via Forbes

4. Case Rapper

Chances are Rapper almost has the perfect musical style to break into Fortnite. It’s rap, but it’s not as “heavy” as other rap, and a lot of younger fans are very familiar with Chance. In addition, they could add emotion to his music. Win, win.

3. Post Malone

Although Post Malone says he prefers PUBG to Fortnite, he still played the hit hit battle royale game, and his music is extremely popular. Although technically not a rapper, his music falls into a similar category and transcends the genre. Post Malone’s music hits the right demographic category for a perfect match with Fortnite.

2. The future

One of the most influential rappers of all time, Future would make a great live concert. His music is usually lively and optimistic, and he has just as much of that weird vibe that Travis Scott does so well. If Fortnite used Travis Scott, then the future should definitely be considered.

The future.  Image via XXL magazine
The future. Image via XXL magazine

1. Drake

Drake was making huge headlines when he streamed with Travis Scott and Ninja. Travis Scott broke into Fortnite after that, so why not Drake as well? He is probably the most popular rapper in the world, and children and teenagers are already listening to his music. If Fortnite wants to use the rapper to increase popularity, Drake is undoubtedly the path to take.

Which rapper should Fortnite bring next?



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