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5 reasons to own a Toreador in GTA Online in 2021




He’s a bully necessary vehicle to own in GTA Online. It’s a great car that’s very sustainable in the current metagame right now.

In some cases, the Toreador makes other vehicles completely obsolete. The whole archetype of boats is worthless thanks to vehicles like the Toreador. There are also many sporty classic cars that simply cannot compete with the Toreador in terms of overall utility.

If players spend a few million dollars, buying a Toreador at GTA Online may be one of the best decisions they will ever make.

5 reasons why players should buy Toreador at GTA Online in 2021

# 5 – Good basic statistics

Even when we neglect all the useful and unique attributes of the Toreador, we should find that it manages as well as a normal car. It is still a classic sports car capable of fast and stylish driving through the streets of San Andreas. That could even be argued no other sports classic is close to the Toreador because of its unique attributes.

The basic statistics of the Toreador are pretty good. They’re not outstanding, but the basic speed, acceleration and handling are decent. Its braking capabilities are negligible, but it’s a minor hurdle for otherwise high-end vehicles.

# 4 – Unlimited missiles

Some armed vehicles are retained by various restrictions. One of the most common restrictions is the number of projectiles a vehicle can have at any one time. The Oppressor Mk II is one of the best vehicles in GTA Online at the moment, but it can only have up to 20 missiles at a time. By comparison, a Toreador can have an unlimited amount.

Players often won’t need more than 20 missiles to destroy someone in GTA Online, but that’s still a good feature. This makes it even more useful for missions, as no amount of endlessly spawning minions will ruin a player’s time.

Therefore, players will not have to worry about stupid restrictions or when to book rockets. It’s a minor feature, but still welcome.

# 3 – Increasing potential

Although the Toreador is technically incapable of flying, it is capable of being in the air for extended periods of time, thanks to its boost potential. It does not fly like an airplane, but it flies in a similar way as an airplane Rocket Voltić. It’s great to watch the Toreador drive the house in an otherwise impossible way, especially since most vehicles aren’t capable of it.

However, the ability to amplify a Toreador is more than just a fun trick. It can also be used to avoid danger. Either they can outrun a dangerous enemy or they can dodge a missile launched at them. In both scenarios, the Toreador driver is likely to pass unscathed and continue his business as usual.

# 2 – Diving options

There aren’t many vehicles in GTA Online capable of sinking into a body of water like a submarine. The Toreador is one of the few vehicles that can do this, making it the perfect vehicle to avoid players.

If the player is on Oppressor Mk II, they have almost no chance of killing a player deep underwater. That would then force them to use another vehicle. This accidentally makes the Toreador the best choice to fight other Toreadors when in the water.

The bullfighter also makes obsolete boats. Since it can be immersed in a body of water, there is no need to own one of the many weak and slow boats at GTA Online.

The Toreador simply outperforms them, although it is still a top-notch vehicle on land. In addition, players can take advantage of the Toreador’s incentive to explore underwater areas faster.

# 1 – It’s a great weapon in the meta-industry

Weapons vehicles dominate the GTA Online metagame. If a player does not have an armored vehicle capable of firing missiles, they will most likely be destroyed effortlessly in combat with other players.

The armor aspect is the most important factor to consider in the vehicle. If a vehicle is destroyed by a single rocket, it is worthless in GTA Online.

Fortunately, the Toreador can not only survive several missiles, but can also strike back at the enemy. These missiles are aggressive and very precise, so players who drive a Toreador can easily strike back at most players in the normal GTA Online lobby.

When players consider the above attributes, it is not at all wise what a The Toreador is one of the best vehicles own in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

Posted April 7, 2021, 5:41 AM IST