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5 reasons why GTA Online players love the Toreador more than the Oppressor MK2




There are several reasons why GTA Online players prefer Toreador to Oppressor MK2.

A lot of the hatred that players have towards Oppressor MK2 is due to the release date. He independently made several vehicles obsolete, which further compounded his hilarious design. Things like Rocket Voltić it was absurd, but it was not a weapon with a weapon. Not surprisingly, the Oppressor MK2 has been the chosen vehicle for grief for several years.

Probably the most hated vehicle would have been the Toreador if it had been released years ago in its current state. Of course, release dates are not the only reason why a player may prefer one vehicle over another. There are real differences in performance between the two vehicles, which means that there are some categories that give the Toreador an advantage over Oppressor MK2 in GTA Online.

Five reasons why GTA Online players like Toreador, but not Oppressor MK2

5. Normal HUD icon on GTA Online minimaps

If someone is playing Oppressor MK2, everyone in the lobby will know. A recognizable icon makes him stand out, and not in a good way. Once a person has seen the MK2 suppressor in free mode, they will know what it is capable of.

For comparison, Toreador does not change the HUD player in any way. They will still look like normal players whether they are in the Toreador or not. As a result, they don’t have to worry about being targeted just because the vehicle wants them.

Likewise, they can use the miniature to their advantage, as plaintiffs Oppressor MK2 will not immediately know in which vehicle the Toreador player will be until they see them in person.

4. A bullfighter offers a greater defensive benefit

One direct hit from the explosives and that
One direct hit of explosives and that’s it (Picture via Wallpaper Cave)

Oppressor MK2 is a threat to be reckoned with, but it is a terrible defense vehicle. The only real defensive abilities are a few generic countermeasures and impressive mobility to avoid attackers.

Unfortunately, that means it will be blown up by a single rocket (which is incredibly common these days). Also, players have virtually no defense against competent snipers, as building an Oppressor MK2 will not block bullets.

A bullfighter in GTA Online can take several rockets and block several bullets. It may not fly as well as the Oppressor MK2, but it can go underwater. So Oppressor MK2 users can never touch them there.

3. Infinite rockets

Having the ability to fire an infinite amount of projectiles is awful. It’s a simple reason, but nonetheless valid. By comparison, the Oppressor MK2 can only receive up to 20 missiles at a time. While this is more than enough to terrorize the enemy, there are situations where it is helpful to have more.

Objectively speaking, an infinite amount of projectiles is superior to only 20 projectiles. Both work similarly, but the quantity of the projectile is more important than the quality.

The The bullfighter is better in defense against the oppressor MK2. If a GTA Online player is somewhat satisfied with the starter, they will notice a difference in quantity between the two vehicles.

2. Oppressor MK2 started the trend of meaningless weapons

It was dark weather (picture via Rockstar Games)
It was dark weather (picture via Rockstar Games)

Once upon a time, armed vehicles at least made sense in GTA Online. Either it was a military vehicle like a rhino tank, a car with a gun attached, or it was a plane that could realistically hold missiles on it. Oppressor MK2 opposed all of these trends to the astonishment of GTA Online fans around the world.

It is a flying bicycle that can shoot missiles. It completely disables regular cars with a pistol attached, and the ability to fly makes it better than most other weapons. For some GTA Online fans, the Oppressor MK2 was too oppressive.

Toreador continues this trend, but since then there have been several other ridiculous weapons vehicles.

1. Release date

Oppressor MK2 exists much longer (image via GTA Wiki)
Oppressor MK2 exists much longer (image via GTA Wiki)

Oppressor MK2 was released with the After Hour update, while Toreador was released with Cayo Perico Heist update. That’s almost two years difference, which is almost a third of GTA Online’s lifespan. It may not seem like much on paper, but there is a huge difference between GTA Online then and now.

Weapons vehicles have been more normal in the past, but the Oppressor MK2 has changed that. GTA Online fans despised how he mastered the Oppressor MK2, especially since most casual players failed to defeat someone using a flying motorcycle.

A bullfighter can wipe under Oppressor MK2, but it was almost two years after the latter came on the scene. All this time has only served to create dissatisfaction with the oppressor MK2 in the GTA Online community.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.