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5 smartest Fortnite players of all time




Fortnite has seen many players come and go over the years. Although the best players still rule this type of battle, there are few who have shown some serious 200 IQ in the game. Fortnite it’s all about being creative. It is the only Battle Royale that supports the building function, allowing players to become really creative with their playing. Note: This article reflects the views of the writer.

The 5 smartest players in Fortnite

In the video below, the majority of the incidents mentioned on this list can be seen. # 1 x2Twins

Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley are better known online as x2Twins. The pair, who are originally from Australia, are probably one of the best duos in Fortnite today. Their sense of play and teamwork are not on the scale. One of the individuals was accidentally thrown into a storm in one game. A second individual used a harpoon gun to pull his brother back into the circle. A quick thought process was required for this innovative move. # 2 MrSavage

Martin Foss Anderson, better known as MrSavage, was a professional player at Fortnite. During the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, MrSavage showed the world why he was one of the best in the game. He used the shadow bomb effectively and headed for the hill, packing himself a royal victory. # 3 Nathan Anthony Hill

Nathan Anthony “Nate” Hill he is a member of the FaZe clan and Fortnite pro. With his quick thinking and impressive goals, he is well known. In one of his matches, Hill experienced a huge backlog. Instead of moving about it, he only predicted where his enemy might be and planned his shots accordingly. # 4 Hugh Gilmour

Hugh “DestinyJesus” Gilmour is currently the coach of the FaZe clan. Once upon a time, when he was actively playing Fortnite, he was known for his innovative ways of destroying enemies. He used a boom during one game onion to remove one wall from the player box. He continued to set up his own wall there, made a small window and knocked down the enemy. It’s interesting when professionals get creative at Fortnite. # 5 Manuel Martinez FaZe Martoz is currently a member of the FaZe clan and a content creator on YouTube. When grenade launchers were available at Fortnite, he devised a very creative strategy in one of his games. He was nailed by the enemy while hiding behind a wall. Instead of engaging the enemy in the open, Martoz used a decoy bomb on the launch pad. The enemy was distracted and started firing at the bait, giving him the perfect moment to lower his head and eliminate his enemy in Fortnite.

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