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5 Ways Kobe Bryant impacted lives off the court




The Basketball Hall of Fame will be welcome soon LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant to their holy halls on the Sabbath. It will be introduced and subsequently immortalized along with other hardwood lamps, including Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and WNBA star Tamika Catchings.

Bryant has made a huge impact on the basketball court, as evidenced by the multitude of records he has set or broken and the number of players who adored him as he grows up.

But the late Kobe Bryant also affected the lives of people off the field, and that probably had a wider reach than what he did on the field. From individuals to organizations, the 18-year-old All Star star has shown that during his lifetime he lived the very famous moral code of Spider-Man – with great power comes great responsibility.

Gianna Bryant, Vanessa Bryant, former NBA player Kobe Bryant and Natalia Bryant attend Nickelodeon Kids
Gianna Bryant, Vanessa Bryant, former NBA player Kobe Bryant and Natalia Bryant are attending the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids ’Choice Sports Awards at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.

A sample of Kobe Bryant’s off-field work

Before Kobe Bryant’s retirement, he was already preparing for life after basketball. Although his NBA career was his primary passion, he would spend many hours investing in the lives of others when he wasn’t dribbling to play basketball on the court. That would carry over into his retirement as he continued and began efforts that would leave a lasting legacy.

1) Support for cancer research

Kobe Bryant realized how much he could do to help eradicate cancer. In 2012, the LA Lakers star participated in a special show Stand Up To Cancer to raise funds to fight a frightening disease. Fundraising efforts have raised more than $ 80 million for cancer research.

Moreover, Kobe Bryant sought to influence patients who were already suffering from cancer by sending inspirational messages.

2) Realization of dreams

He had already realized his dreams of playing in the NBA, Kobe Bryant wanted to make the dreams of other children come true. For over 20 years, the five-time champion would have more than a hundred appearances for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For those counting at home, that’s an average of five visits each year, before he permanently hung up his jersey in 2016.

In doing so, Kobe Bryant complied with the wishes of more than 200 children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Some of them are invited to watch him play at the LA Lakers games, giving them and their families a day filled with wonderful memories.

3) Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

Kobe Bryant teamed up with wife Vanessa to launch the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation in 2006. According to his Facebook page, “KVBFF is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need.”

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant attend Tribeca Shorts: Animated Shorts, curated by Whoopi Goldberg during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant attend Tribeca Shorts: Animated Shorts, curated by Whoopi Goldberg during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

Originally named VIVO, the foundation was created to provide children with experiences in cultural enrichment and educational opportunities. Through this initiative, the Bryants have touched the lives of countless minority school students and distributed scholarships to Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy.

The foundation also cared for the homeless in the Los Angeles area. The Bryants have helped support other foundations and non-profit organizations such as My Friends Place and Step Up on Second that have sought to help these poor youth.

4) Support for students from low-income families

So far, you can say that Kobe Bryant’s youth was most important whenever he thought of giving a helping hand. This was evident already during the early part of his career.

Back in 2007, the former champion scored points for the All-Stars national ambassador after school. The nonprofit works with schools across the country to provide extracurricular activities to poor students.

It is on their website an entire page dedicated to Kobe Bryant and its impact on students.

“Kobe was a superstar off the field as well as on it,” said Ben Paul, president and CEO of After-School All-Stars. “For more than 12 years, he has donated his time, wisdom and resources to 90,000 All-Star students across the country. “What I will remember the most about Kobe’s engagement with us as a national ambassador is how authentically he connected with the students when he spent time with them,” the statement reads.

5) Inspiring young people through television, movies and books

So far, virtually everyone knows that Kobe Bryant won an Oscar in 2018 for Best Animated Film for “Dear Basketball,” his own story told through the film. That’s why he launched Granity Studios which was dedicated to inspiring young people to create content for television, film and writing / publishing books.

“I built Granity Studios as a platform to create and share original stories to inspire today’s young athletes,” Bryant said at the time of its presentation. “There is surprisingly little content that combines sports passion and a tradition of original storytelling. Granity Studios will fill that gap. ”

The multimedia company has published books for young adults in its “Wizenard Series”, which Kobe Bryant planned to adapt through theater, animation and live content.

After its release, “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp,” it became No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

The creativity he showed in the field continued to be reflected in his vision of improving the lives of young people. Whether they were sick children, poor children, or those who needed inspiration, Kobe Bryant spent time and his own resources improving the lives of those around him.

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