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50% of New York voters say Cuomo should not immediately resign, poll finds




A minority of voters, 35%, said they should resign immediately, with 15% unsure, according to the poll, which ran from March 8-12.

The majority of voters, 57%, were satisfied with the way the governor has dealt with allegations of sexual harassment, while 32% said they were not and 11% did not know or did not think so. . Fifty-four percent of men were satisfied, while 59% of women said the same.

However, more say that Cuomo has committed sexual harassment (35%) than those who say he has not (24%). A considerable 41% say they do not know or have an opinion.

According to the poll, voters are increasingly saying they will not vote to re-elect Cuomo for a fourth term. Only 34% of voters said they were willing to re-select Cuomo if they run in 2022, while 52% say they would “prefer someone else.” In February, 46% of voters said they voted to re-elect him for a fourth term.

The poll, which polled 805 voters, has a margin of error of roughly 4.1 percentage points and was conducted by telephone.

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