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6-year-old dies after ATV crash in north Harris County




COUNTRY Harris, Texas (KTRK) – A 6-year-old who was critically injured in ATV crash this weekend lorem has in itself is dead, according Ed Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez.

The incident happened Saturday in the block (4) 400 Rosemary Lane, near the North Road, Thomas Harris County.

Initial reports that two of the mother and daughter, but Tully County Sheriff deputy later said that two of the related service.

“At first, they thought that the mother and daughter, but they were removed when we learned that he was 17 years old and 6 years old, and they’re not related at all,” he said.

The victim was hospitalized and died at 17 years, 6 years old in a critical condition. But on Monday, Gonzalez shared tragic to update 6 years and was determined to have an irreversible loss of brain function.

From GoFundMe funeral costs the aid of the families of the 6 years of the victim, and the cover was created for the parents.

The driver of the vehicle is not in the hospital for life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

It is unclear why the crash and show Facebook photos posted by authorities in a torn black SUV ATV ditch.

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