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83-year-old Asian American woman is the latest victim of racist “hate crime” attack





As a whole, Americans of Asian descent are somewhat more knowledgeable than other minorities in recent decades, even until Donald Trump’s insistence on calling the COVID-19 virus “the Wuhan flu,” “the China’s virus, ”and other racist traits in his attempt to politicize a public health issue.

While the United States has a long history of anti-Asian behavior-from Chinese Exclusion Law of 1884 which restricted the legal entry of Chinese immigrants into our country to the embarrassing interference of Japanese -American citizens during World War II – recent decades have seen the image of Asian Americans change from “yellow risk “in one of a minority model whose educational achievements are the envy of all.

Trump’s pandemic and relentless propaganda campaign seeking to demonize the Chinese government as responsible for the global health crisis has since begun to dispel the blame from his own incompetent handling of the COVID outbreak, however , racist attacks on Asian Americans by ignorant Trump supporters seeking targets to blame for their failures on anti-disease restrictions have multiplied surprisingly.

One might think – with the introduction of a vaccine and subsequent advances in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus that led to the steep decline in the number of new daily cases – that the incidents of bigotry and violence against Asian Americans will stop.

The truth, however, is less defined.

Take the spitting and punching of an 83-year-old Korean American woman that occurred earlier this week in the New York City suburb of White Plains.

According to an account of the incident sa The Washington Post:

“The victim was walking alone near a shopping center Tuesday night when police said Glenmore Nembhard, 40, attacked him without provocation, hit him so hard that he hit his head on the ground and When he regained consciousness, the man disappeared, according to police, ”the newspaper reported.

Ang local TV affiliate reported that “the victim of the White Plains attack said he was collecting bottles and cans to exchange for cash when he was attacked outside a Nordstrom store in Westchester Mall. He said that even though he was left bleeding, he didn’t go to the hospital because he was worried about medical bills. “

“Her daughter told the station that the incident shocked the family. ‘Now I’m afraid to go out, and my son is afraid to go out,’ he said, according to The Washington Post.

While not immediately aware of how law enforcement authorities identified Nembhard as attacking the woman, police arrested him on Thursday near the location of the attack and charged him with aggravated assault on a 65-year-old. or older, a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Police described the suspect as a homeless Black man, and court records show that Nembhard has been arrested by White Plains police at least four other times in the past year.

White Plains police have not yet classified the attack as a cause of hate crime, but Westchester County Attorney Miriam E. “Mimi” Rocah said her office is investigating whether the beating could be prosecuted. under that classification.

“Attacks like this affect us all. They create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that prevents us from being safe and secure in our homes and communities,” Rocah said in a statement. “I invite everyone to report all hate crimes and bias incidents, even if you are not a victim, so that law enforcement can monitor and work to prevent these heinous acts.”

Meanwhile, President Biden strongly condemned the mixture of violence targeted at Asian Americans in his televised speech on Thursday night. saying Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were “attacked, harassed, blamed and scouted.

“So many of them are fellow Americans. They’re on the front line of this pandemic, trying to save lives, ”Biden said.“ And yet, they’re being forced to live in fear for their lives, just walking the streets of America. This is wrong. It’s not American, and it should stop. “

We expect President Biden’s statements to be as effective at dispelling the growing bigotry against Asian Americans as the former president’s racist rhetoric encourages them.

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Original reporting by Derek Hawkins on The Washington Post.

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