8BitDo has become one of the best gaming accessory companies in a very low key way. The last high-end controller design was praised for its ability to rebind controls on both the PC and Nintendo Switch. With the upgraded model 8BitDo Pro 2, you can now reprogram without a full-size computer.

like Outstanding SN30 Pro +, The controller can be customized in terms of button layout and more esoteric options like analog stick dead zones or trigger sensitivity. (Good for Nintendo’s weird A-on-the-right habit.) But 8BitDo Pro 2 It can be programmed via Bluetooth and via the Android (or iOS) app, making it a lot easier to adjust settings if you’re playing on a mobile or switch. Even better, the profile for button mapping is no longer tied to connected mode. The button on the front instantly switches between profiles. In other words, it is an Xbox Elite controller.

The Pro 2 includes an additional programmable rear button and quick connect mode switch.

In addition, the Pro 2 includes a manual mode switch on the back, allowing you to switch between Bluetooth connection modes (Switch, Android, D-in and X-in). And the new model includes two rear “paddle” buttons that can be bound to other functions or macros on the controller.

Surprisingly, all these new features are available for $50, the same price as the SN30 Pro+. It’s a bit less than the default controller option on traditional consoles. Pro 2 Available to pre-order on Amazon It is currently available in three colors and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Raspberry Pi.