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9 “In The Heights” Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed On Your First Watch



From assents to Hamilton, to cameos, to post-credits surprise scenes, here’s everything you need to know.

There’s a lot to love about this movie, from the songs to the cast to the ~ fun summer vibes ~. In fact, there are so many things that you may have gotten a bit distracted and missed a couple of the Easter eggs hidden in the movie.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are all the details that I noticed while looking:


While Mr. Rosario is on hold with Stanford, he can listen to a snippet of “Volverás” Hamilton playing on the phone while waiting.

Warner Bros

If you want to go back and hear for yourself, about 30 minutes into the movie.


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s parents, Luz and Luis, make a small cameo in the film during “Breathe.”

Warner Bros / Mat Hayward / Getty Images for The Latinx House


You will probably recognize these two if you are a Hamilton fan, but Chris Jackson and Lin-Manuel Miranda were in the original Broadway cast of In the heights, also. They both made cameos in the film as Mr. Softee and Piragüero respectively.

Warner Bros

On Broadway, Chris played Benny and Lin played Usnavi. Lin’s song “Piragua” comes about 52 minutes into the movie, and you can also see him sing at “Carnaval del Barrio” towards the end of the movie.


If you listen closely to the scene where Abuela Claudia goes to the dry cleaner, you might hear the original Nina herself, Mandy González, singing a doo-wop song in the background.

Warner Bros

It’s a bit difficult to detect at first, but you can definitely hear it better as the scene progresses. Director Jon M. Chu also hinted that the song could include backing vocals by Alex Lacamoire, Bill Sherman, and Lin himself. The scene is about 53 minutes from the movie.


During the dialogue between Usnavi, Vanessa and Sonny in “It Won’t Be Long Now”, Lin, Alex and Bill can also be heard on the radio in the background in the cellar.

Warner Bros

This happens approximately 38 minutes into the movie.


Seth Stewart, who was the original Graffiti Pete on Broadway, made a small cameo as a bartender on “The Club.”


Javier Muñoz and Rickey Tripp, who were part of the original Broadway cast ensemble, also made a blink-or-miss cameo in “Finale.”

Blink and you’ll miss me. (Yes, that’s Rickey Tripp on my right shoulder and Quiara and his family on your left) Honestly, the most beautiful day I’ve ever spent on set. We are at home… .. @quiarahudes @intheheights

They can be seen alongside Quiara Alegría Hudes, who also wrote the book for the musical and the screenplay for the film.


Finally, the movie has a post-credits song! If you stick to the end, you will hear “Piragua Reprise”.

Warner Bros

In case you missed it, Mr. Softee’s truck breaks down and Piragüero is ~ living for it ~.

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