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– One of the oldest restaurants in Raleigh has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. Doors will be open for seven hours on Wednesday to clients who have desired it.

Owners Mecca We will serve breakfast and lunch between 8 am and 3 pm, although reservations are not allowed. All tips received by the USA Salvation Army will be delivered to customers throughout the day.

The menu for Wednesday was not posted, but The Mecca posted on Facebook that its staples shall return, among them the lemon herb chicken.

Like other restaurants, The Mecca has been shut down for security reasons since the pandemia began. It has been closed for so long because of a shortage of workers, by opening only one other day of the event last summer.

The owners hope to reopen next year, but staff said it was a challenge to find out.

The family opened Mecca Lucheonette on May 1, 1930, at the corner of Fayetteville and Hargett Streets. Seven years later, he settled for running a restaurant at his home at 13 E. Martin St. It is known for eating late-night and simple staples including homemade relish, burgers and sandwiches.

In 2018, after nearly 90 years of family ownership Mecca purchased by Imperial Eatslocal restaurant behind the Beer, Sitti, Gravy, Raleigh Times and Morning Times. While the pandemic forced the restaurant to temporarily close, the owners did not change what people liked about the landmark eatery.

Mecca in the city of Raleigh

WRAL lifestyle editor Kathy Hanrahan contributed to this report.




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