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A Russian court has closed the Memorial Human Rights Center, a day after a sister group decreed the closure




The center was accused of multiple violations of Russia’s “foreign agents” law and of “justifying terrorism and extremism” in its publications, a lawyer for the organization, Ilya Novikov, told CNN.

The decision comes a day after the Russian Supreme Court ruled closes his sister group International Memorial. Novikov said they will file a call.

“It simply came to our notice then [decision of the Supreme Court to shut down Memorial International]. We had no illusions about today’s hearing, “Novikov told CNN by telephone from court.

“But it is crucial that these persecutions have not discouraged people and I think they will not stop people from working on their human rights. The legal person can be liquidated, but the work continues and people remain.”

Memorial Human Rights Center and Memorial International are separate legal entities.

The first focuses on oppression in modern Russia, while the second works to expose the abuses and atrocities of the Stalinist era.

The sentences continue with the emptying of Russian civil society organizations, which have gradually fallen victim to Putin’s authoritarian regime.

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