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A Samsung 25W wireless charger exists. Fast charging on the way for Galaxy S22?





  • A 25W Samsung wireless charger was spotted at the FCC.
  • Currently Samsung phones cannot charge wirelessly at 25W.
  • Is this product’s existence a sign of fast wireless charging for the Galaxy S22 series?

wireless charging It’s a wonderful perk. It’s usually slower than wired charging, but the nice thing is that you don’t have to fumble through the cables. However, some companies, such as OnePlus, which offer 50W speeds, are making wireless charging faster. OnePlus 9 Pro (Combined with stand-alone charging stand).

There is no guarantee that this product will hit stores, but it is very likely that this charger will arrive in the next two months. You don’t know it, but we expect to see Samsung Galaxy S22 series next month. Does that mean the Galaxy S22 series will support 25W wireless charging?

Considering that even Google now offers fast wireless charging, pixel 6 series, it is inevitable for Samsung to catch up with the competition. Whether this particular Samsung wireless charger is one is up in the air, but fast wireless charging of Samsung phones is inevitable.

So, which Galaxy S22 devices can see these speeds? Our money is on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (or Galaxy S22 Note, depending on what rumors you believe). 25W wireless charging will be a premium perk, so it makes sense that it only appears on the top-end Galaxy S22 models.

Either way, the days of 15W wireless charging on Samsung phones are numbered.


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