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Aditech’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats, subscribers and more in March 2021




Atharv Rao, aka Aditech, is an Indian Free Fire content creator. It often creates content related to the fast-paced fighting royal game and currently has 1.58 million subscribers on YouTube.

This article shows his Free Fire ID, statistics, K / D ratio and more.

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Aditech ID and free fire statistics

Aditech’s free fire ID is 779084851.

Life statistics

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Aditech’s life statistics

Aditech played 3573 team teams and won 1350 times, leading to a 37.78% win rate. There are 7213 kills in these matches, and the K / D ratio is 3.24.

The content creator also played 2102 duo games and triumphed in 199 of them, maintaining a 9.46% win rate. In this way, it accumulated 4095 fragments in a K / D ratio of 2.15.

Aditech played 1927 solo matches and had 195 wins in his name, which brought him 10.11%. There are 3517 kills in these matches and the K / D ratio is 2.03.

Ranked statistics

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Aditech’s ranked statistics

In the current ranked season, Aditech has played 30 games with teams and in 7 came out as the winner, maintaining a victory rate of 23.33%. With 96 homicides in its name, it has a K / D ratio of 4.17 in this regime.

YouTuber has also played 9 ranked duos and has 31 fragments in these matches, with a K / D ratio of 3.44.

Note: The statistics in this article were recorded at the time of writing. This may change as the content creator continues to play more games in Free Fire.

Aditech’s YouTube channel

The oldest video on Aditech’s YouTube channel was released in July 2019. It currently has 189 videos on its channel, with 89.6 million views combined.

As mentioned earlier, it has over 1.58 million subscribers on YouTube. Click here to visit his channel.

Aditech social media accounts

To visit Aditech’s Instagram profile, click here.

Aditech also has a Discord server that players can join with a click here.

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Posted March 17, 2021, 6:02 PM IST