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Adorable Video: Dogs, Puppies Scramble for Christmas Presents




There are few things more contagious than the fun and excitement during the holidays as Christmas approaches. The pile of presents under the tree is growing, socks are waiting to be filled and there is generally too much sugar readily available.

Many families include their pets in festivities with custom-made socks or some treats or toys.

But what about puppies without a family?

Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, some shelters are still able to provide some of the quality of joy by shelter the dogs choose their own toys from an extensive lineup.


Lovely Video: Dogs, Puppies Scrambling for Christmas Gifts

Dogs Trust Ireland posted a video of its toy giveaway in Dec. 21, and it’s probably one of the slowest videos you’ll watch this Christmas season.

The dogs were brought to a room with hundreds of toys arranged in long queues and encouraged to choose one. There was a lot springing about, along with enthusiastic toy-shakes and frantic hesitation.

Most puppies seem excited at the prospect of so many toys and are almost unable to control themselves. Others seemed to have very specific tastes and immediately found “the one.”

“It’s finally #SantaPawsDay – the day all our dogs can choose their own Christmas present!” Dogs Trust Ireland posted. “We can’t pin them all down, but we hope you smile as much watching it as we do recording it.

“To all of our supporters and everyone who sent gifts to Santa Paws for dogs, thank you so much, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas, from all the dogs and people at the Dogs Trust!”

Since being posted, the video has garnered over 330,000 shares and 14 million views – a whole lot of the Christmas spirit is spreading.

Many other shelters run similar programs during the holidays, and it’s lovely every time.


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Rescuers and shelters also found other ways to celebrate. Some arrange “fancy” homemade dinners for pets with their care, make sure to provide dog safe options of holiday favorites.

“Shelter staff and volunteers came together and prepared holiday meals for the shelter animals!” ang City of Denton Animal Shelter in Texas posted before Christmas 2019.

“The dogs received a small portion of chicken, unsalted green beans, sweet potatoes, and white rice. The cats tasted chicken wet food. And everyone had a little bit of whipped cream [dessert]!

“The animals at the shelter enjoyed their food and were willing to spend their vacation at the shelter. Thank you to all the volunteers and city staff who donated food, helped prepare meals, and helped deliver each. animal! We can’t do this without you! ”

Many shelters are also posting “wish lists” this year, so if you want to give a little extra, you can help spread the holiday fun in the ways they need it. Some even ask for an extra foster or family sponsor so pets can be in homes or have a better chance of finding house over vacation.

You can check out your local animal shelter to see what opportunities it may have to help pets in need.

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