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After Man Passes Out Driving on Interstate, Good Samaritans Race to Rescue Him from Moving Vehicle



On Sunday afternoon, drivers on the interstate near the Georgia State University football stadium witnessed an unusual sight.

A white truck stopped on the interstate, and people were about to get out of them cars and using strollers, mallets and other items to try to break windows.

When a video of the incident was posted online, a fight that erupted on the road immediately began to turn positive-but the reality was very different.

Juordin Carter recorded the strange sight, and said he first noticed it when he passed the white truck. At that time, the truck was moving slowly.

“I looked to the right and saw an older man driving his car but he was leaning over,” he said. WXIA-TV. “So he died.”


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A group of would -be rescuers also noticed the man, who police later said “appeared to be suffering from anxiety,” and after stopping the vehicle, they grabbed whatever was in their hands to try to get into the cab and reach the driver.

“I’m focused, no panic,” good Samaritan Jelani Kimble said WGCL-TV. “When we arrived it was still moving, so that’s the main priority, stop the car.”

Finally, a woman was able to provide the back pane of the glass, and Chrle took over, cleaning broken glass to make a space wide enough to crawl.

“I immediately got in the truck, started kicking the rest of the car glass, that’s when I slipped and unlocked the door,” Kaille told WXIA.

Carter stayed with the driver and tried to keep him alert by questioning him while Kaille used the driver’s phone to call her husband.

“I’m just trying to keep him here with me at the moment,” Carter said, noting that the man is fading in and out of consciousness.

“I stayed there and let him know everything was going on, which hospital, and to follow up and let us know,” Kimble added.

Pastor Qua Tucker of Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church was also present at the scene. He saw the commotion as he was on his way to lunch.


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At first, he ran next to the moving truck and tried to open the side windows, still wearing church clothes. He prayed when others joined, and said the community’s response was comforting.

“It feels good to see people, who are, strangers instead, regardless of race, sexuality, poly – you know, politics, political views or whatever come together to help others,” he said.

“We’re just thanking God for that. That’s our prayer at the moment, that hey God, please make sure this person is okay.”

Davian Taylor, associate minister for Welcome Friend Baptist Church and a friend to Tucker, called 911 while others personally assisted the driver – but the scene was so chaotic that he had difficulty talking to the operator.

“Because the operator frustrated me while I was panicking because you knew we were on the highway with all this traffic coming,” Taylor explained. “And, and you know … this, it’s just a crazy scene.”

While viewers may have interpreted the vision, Carter said the real reason behind the video is evidence that there is still kindness in the world.

“There’s still, you know, good things out there that can happen even if they try to describe it as something that’s not what it is,” Carter said.

The driver was taken to the hospital, and according to what witnesses WXIA was told, her husband let them know on Monday that he was better.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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