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After Seeing Bus Engulfed in Flames, Man Scrambles and Rescues 8: Gets Shock Surprise




When Sirizani Butau of Kadoma, Zimbabwe, encountered a horrific crash on Christmas Eve, she did not hesitate to put herself in danger to help rescue the victims.

Butau, a truck driver, was driving on the Harare-Mutare Highway when he saw a bus and a fuel tanker collided. The resulting fire put dozens of people’s lives in danger.

He ran to the bus and helped pull at least eight people from the wreckage, according to My Zimbabwe. Butau even tried to rescue the driver of the fuel tanker.

Five people died in the accident, and 60 were taken to hospital.

A photo of Butau went viral. It shows him standing on the road, barefoot, a column of black smoke rising from the accident behind him, his legs and arms covered in severe burns.


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Ang heroes was taken to hospital, where he was treated for third-degree burns.

His brother Trevor, spoke for him, saying, “Right now he can’t speak because the doctors are taking care of him, all we can say is he is overwhelmed with kindness and love from all over Zimbabwe, he never sought to be a hero and he doesn’t feel one. ”

both Zimbabweans began a crowdfunding effort for Butau and soon reached the limit. The rest started differently fundraising efforts for him and asked the government to fund his medical expenses.

“I was humbled by the response,” Butau said from his hospital bed, according to The Herald in the capital Harare. “It was something I didn’t expect. What I was busy with that day was helping and unfortunately getting injured in the process, but I’m doing well. ”

“It’s pretty humble,” his wife Wadzanai Butau said. “I hope I can do the same for others in need.


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“My husband is a truck driver. Today he is traveling from Beira to Zambia. When he called, I planned to travel that night, but he prevented me from doing that. I traveled the next day with some relatives to Mutare where he was then admitted to the hospital.

“We have asked the medical doctors to evict him so that he can be treated in Kadoma where we live because his continued stay in Mutare will cost us in terms of accommodation and other related expenses. So far he is in “We are in a private hospital where he is being treated. He is recovering.”

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa also commented publicly on Butau’s accident and heroism.

“I am really shocked and saddened by the news of yesterday’s crash near Mutare, which claimed 4 lives very soon,” Mnangagwa tweeted at Christmas. “May their souls rest in everlasting peace.

“To everyone traveling this holiday season, please stay safe and stay vigilant.”

“Let me take this opportunity to appreciate Sirizani Butau who saved people from the Mutare Accident,” he tweeted on Sunday. “As a government we will honor him for his selfless sacrifice.”

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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