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Airstream features a camper van that you can take off the road




With the Interstate 24X, Airstream ventures into a territory that until now was occupied mainly by emerging companies specializing in manufacturing campers to practice the terrain and embark. This means real desert camping, which has gained popularity during the Covid pandemic.

Priced at about $ 214,000, the Interstate 24X features all-terrain and all-wheel drive tires that allow it to crawl on muddy trails and with fewer chances of getting stuck. Its large size, as its name suggests, 24 meters long, could prevent it from going too deep into the forest, but it is designed to venture more into the woods or deserts than Airstream’s other camper vans.

Recently, Airstream has begun offering all-terrain compatible trailers, such as the Basecamp 20X and 16X, but they are designed to be towed behind other vehicles. There are other Airstream camper vans, such as the Interstate 24GT and 24GL, but the Interstate 24X is the first Airstream to offer four-wheel drive.

Like other Airstream Interstate models, the 24X is based on a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. It has a comfortable bed for two adults (four people could fit in one pinch) and can accommodate six.

When designing the interior, a lot of attention was paid to storage, according to Airstream. A track-shaped storage system along the walls, ceiling and floor allows the gear to be hung and secured with straps.

The Airstream Interstate 24X offers comfortable bedrooms for two people and moorings on the siding, walls and floor to equip.

According to Airstream, the integrated bathroom also “offers amenities that go beyond the minimalist configuration you find in most adventure vans on the market.” For example, it has air-conditioned floors, a clothesline and a dressing table mirror. The van also has a small kitchen with a double stove and microwave.

To live off the grid, the van includes lithium batteries to power accessories and has solar panels to charge them. There are also additional entrances for more solar panels outside and the van comes with an electric gasoline generator.

For remote work, the van is equipped with a cellular antenna prepared for 5G. There are four removable table supports. A stand allows you to use a table as the right desktop.

A removable table can be used as a desk.  The Airstream Interstate 24X also has a 5G capable antenna.

To drive in lighted off-road areas, the van carries a light 3.5-foot bar on the windshield. There are also other lights on the outside of the van for use at the campsite.

Camping became more popular during the pandemic, which resulted in an increase in RV sales which had previously been in decline. Airstream’s parent company, Thor Industries, which also owns Jayco, Keystone, Heartland and other RV companies, said has a $ 14.3 billion order reserve. That means about a year of production for Thor’s companies, an Airstream spokesman said. He said Airstream her however, the first orders for Interstate 24X vans should be completed in the fall.