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Alexander Volkanovski explains how he plans to beat Brian Ortega in his own game at UFC 260




UFC lightweight champion Alexander Volkanovski will put his title on the line against Brian Ortega at UFC 260.

In an interview with Submission Radio, Aleksandar Volkanovski revealed that he plans to defeat Brian Ortega in their fight. The excuse for the discovery was the recognition that Brian Ortega was considered one of the best catchers in the division. Speaking about whether he would like to get a TKO / KO or a victory in the application, Aleksandar Volkanovski said:

“Mate, if you’ve noticed, in a lot of my fights I’ve beaten a lot of people in their game. There’s something in that … I love when people try to tell me, ‘You can’t do this.’ You know, I like going out there and I do that. “

The champion went on to list examples from previous fights in which he defeated opponents in their own game. ‘Greatfor the first time quoted his fight against the then undefeated Jeremy Kennedy. They competed back in 2018, and Volkanovski won as a grappler via ground-and-pound.

Volkanovsky also mentioned his fights with Max Holloway as examples of defeating opponents in their own game. He said he managed to outdo the volume-throwing fighter Max Holloway, thus winning both victories in the decision against him.

As for his struggle with ‘T-City‘, Aleksandar Volkanovski drew parallels from previous clashes as he explained his plans for the fight. He said:

“… Even Ortega, everyone literally thinks you can’t go to the ground with this guy. Even he says he doesn’t even try to wrestle because his Jiu-Jitsu is so good. Again, I’m not going to play Jiu-Jitsu with him I’m not going to give that much Obviously … But does that mean I can’t go with him even close to the ground No, no But at the same time, if I have to take him there to the ground and get a submission? It would be great. Would you bet on it? Maybe not on the submission, but the thing is, when you break someone up, that’s what I plan to do next, the submissions can definitely come. “

Alexander Volkanovski recognizes the danger that Brian Ortega poses, especially on the field

Although Alexander Volkanovski seems determined to take away the dominant victory over Ortega, he does not underestimate his opponent in the least. After sharing what he plans to do, Volkanovsky recognized the fact that grappling and submissions is the world in which Brian Ortega operates.

He also said Brian Ortega has a natural instinct that helps him stay sharp even when he is tired or broken.

Furthermore, Aleksandar Volkanovski believes that Brian Ortega’s body will be able to withstand the sentence he imposes. Volkanovsky also said he should be careful, as only one of Ortega’s submission maneuvers could end the fight for him.

Still, Alexander Volkanovski has made it clear that he intends to break Brian Ortega to achieve the goal.

Posted March 17, 2021, 6:17 PM IST