Google’s cloud game service, Stadium, Start the test for November 19 (2019), I needed a $130 Founder’s Edition kit to get access, but Google eventually opened the door for everyone in August 2020. So far, many games have been announced for the service, and more games are expected to appear in the future. Of course, keeping track of things in this fast-paced industry can be difficult, so here’s a handy list of all the titles published for Stadia.

Like any other console or platform, Google requires players at Stadia Base, which is rated for free, to purchase all their games. For $10 a month, Stadia Pro gives subscribers access to free games from time to time and offers discounts on many other titles, so keep that in mind. You can also look forward to the following publisher subscriptions: Ubisoft’s Uplay + You can now work with Stadia. Officially available. You can learn more about Stadia through the story. here Track ongoing development across the platform. here.

We will update the next list as needed, so you can add bookmarks to this page to track your progress. If you are looking for the latest free games included with Stadia Pro, you can find it. here.