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Amahud Arbery’s father says he prays for the “right jury” as the selection continues



Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot dead while running on February 23, 2020, near Brunswick, Georgia. It was not until a mobile video of the incident appeared more than two months after arrests were made in the case.

“I’m praying to God for us to get the right jury,” Mr. Arbery said.

Hundreds of potential jurors are being considered at the trial of Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and his neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., who face multiple charges, including felony and felony murder. They have pleaded not guilty.

Following the legal process has been “tough” for the family, Arbery said.

“It’s still emotional for my family because it’s a raw trauma,” Arbery Sr. said. “You know, seeing how my son was lynched like that by three white men, he dropped him and lynched him like that. He’s really raw.”

Race will certainly play a role in the trial, said Benjamin Crump, Arbery Sr.’s attorney, because of the cell phone. video images recorded by Bryan.

“This video is so compelling … that no matter how much they want to try to reference it, you know the race was a motivating factor,” Crump believes.

The 36-second video shows Arbery running through the center of a street toward a stopped pickup. Gregory McMichael is in the bed of the truck and his son is standing near the driver’s side door with a shotgun.

The video shows a physical confrontation between Arbery and Travis McMichael as Arbery approaches the truck. A shot is fired and the two disappear from the left side of the video frame. A second shot is heard when the men are off camera. When they return to sight, they both face the shotgun.

Arbery appears to punch Travis McMichael as he hears a third shot and blood appears on Arbery’s T-shirt before he stumbles and falls in the middle of the two-lane road.

The McMichaels have said they were making a citizen arrest against Arbery, who said they suspected they were responsible for a series of robberies in the neighborhood and that Travis McMichael shot him in self-defense. Bryan allegedly hit Arbery with his truck after he joined the McMichaels in his chase.

Crump said they expected the defense to attack Amhmaud Arbery’s character, but believes the “video is clear.”

Issues related to race and the vigilance of the case have removed memories of the trial of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who was acquitted in 2013 of the murder of a 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Arbery Sr. he said he felt he hadn’t changed much in terms of racial reconciliation since Martin’s murder. “It’s still the same,” he said. “The cycle repeats itself because they don’t want to bring about any change. That’s why we have to keep fighting hard to try to bring about that change,” Arbery Sr. said.

According to the Glynn County Superior Court and Magistrate Court, 600 potential jurors were summoned on Monday to appear at an off-site venue. Twenty potential jurors are brought to court at once. An additional 400 potential jurors have been summoned to appear next Monday.

During the first two days of jury selection, several potential jurors expressed concern about the possible repercussions if they were chosen to serve.

On the first day of jury selection, a white woman in her 60s answered a defense question saying, “None of this makes me feel good.”

Another potential jury, a white man in his 30s who says he’s a mechanic, told lawyers he didn’t want to be there, and that he doesn’t want to have other people’s “lives in my hands”. He said he fears having to decide someone’s fate could have repercussions.

The judge has said 12 jurors are needed for the trial along with four alternates.

The McMichaels and Bryan have been too charged with federal hate crime and attempted kidnapping. They have pleaded guilty to these charges.

Arbery Sr. he said his hope is that the three men will end up behind bars for life so that “blacks can be healed. blacks will not be healed when these things continue,” he said.

CNN’s Martin Savidge and Angela Barajas contributed to this report.


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