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An Omaha police officer was shot four times while responding to a shoplifting call




A Department Officer Jeffrey Wittstruck would Omaha Westroads Mall’s sales boom has been sent to the store, the security previously reported suspected shoplifter, the police department said in a news release.

21 year old male suspect detained in the security of supply is seen wearing T-shirts in his backpack and left behind them freely.

Wittstruck, who does not suspect “present or cooperative,” police said. The officer asked him to remove the backpack was not suspect, since he “stood with his right hand into the pocket of his sweatshirt,” according to the release.

Howbeit he would not tell them he tried to Wittstruck with him advanced to fight the suspected both hands to hold. Suspect “pulled a gun out of his pocket and fire four shots Baseball” in the Wittstruck, which struck in the face and top of the head, the release said.

Suspect fled the scene after they were taken from the Georgia State talk knight high-speed chase, police said. To use the weapon to kill the relationship with the efforts of the charges, and the felony he did it.

Texas Medical Center Wittstruck was transported in critical condition, but is stable and recovering “, according to police. Wittstruck department was in 2016.

And our prayers are, in general, and in Office Wittstruck full recovery “Todd Schmaderer police chief, said the release.