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Android 12’s theming system can crash games while you’re playing




When using a wallpaper that changes automatically


Wallpaper-based themes for Android 12, dubbed material you, very beautiful to look at and offers every Pixel owner the most personalized theme imaginable. However, the automatic theme engine also creates an unprecedented problem as app activity automatically restarts as the wallpaper changes will likely require a color change. as mentioned by XDA, this behavior can cause serious problems when combining game sessions with automatically changing wallpapers.

item google issue tracker describes how games like Pokémon Go or Wild Rift crash after changing the wallpaper, but XDA reports that the issue also occurs with Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Minecraft, with many more titles affected. is likely to receive. Crashes obviously happen even if you quit the game, change the home screen wallpaper, and then try to continue the session, but people who use apps that automatically switch wallpapers on a regular basis will run into problems more often than others.

In the Google Issue Tracker, a user explains that changing the wallpaper in Android 12 causes a configuration change that forces a restart of app activity. This is to ensure that apps linked to the Wallpaper’s Material You theme are displayed in a new color from the start. By default, this configuration change will affect all apps, including apps that won’t use Material You colors, such as games. Typically, game developers have already opted out of configuration changes that don’t affect their projects, such as dark mode, screen rotation, and locale changes, but it looks like developers would have to skip a few extra steps to opt out of changing the wallpaper configuration. Those who change wallpapers automatically will have to change the rhythm at very long intervals or choose a single wallpaper until most game studios recognize this problem.

Even if most people don’t run into the issue, we hope that Google will provide an easier fix with a system update, as gamers shouldn’t have to rely on individual studios to fix theme issues introduced in Android 12.

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