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Antutu bans the Realme GT after it finds evidence of benchmark cheating




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  • Antutu called Realme for cheating on the benchmark.
  • Evidence shows that Realme GT uses CPU scheduling and JPG decoding tricks to boost scores.
  • Antutu temporarily deleted the phone’s score and issued an ultimatum to Realme to fix the problem.

It’s not a truly honest benchmark score, but a smartphone company striving for high scores is nothing new. The most recent addition to the infamous benchmark cheating group is Realme, especially Realme GT.

in Weibo Post, (h/t GizmoChina) Antutu surpassed the Realme GT on charges of cheating the benchmarks. As a result, ~750,000 points of the phone were removed from the database. This is considerably higher than the 708,000 points of the Xiaomi Mi 11. Antutu’s test. Antutu specifically stated (via machine translation) that these figures were “obtained through deception and other means, not an expression of real power.”

So how did the Realme GT cheat? Antutu mentions performance in the multi-threaded workload and JPG decoding part of the benchmark.

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The phone used thread delay tactics to run multithreaded tests on the fastest CPU core possible. Antutu scored higher for this. Realme GT has also “modified” the reference JPG image used by Antutu. Instead of processing the image as it is, I used mosaic color blocks to reduce the quality of the image. As a result, the processing time has been reduced.

Antutu points out that both tactics are against the benchmark spirit. So, the benchmark company deleted Realme GT’s score for three months. It also announced to Realme an ultimatum that Antutu would permanently ban phones unless they revise how phones complete the benchmark.

Benchmark cheating

Realme wasn’t the first company to cheat on the benchmarks. Last year, Oppo and other vendors’ MediaTek-based phones Reportedly games PCMark test. Samsung, Huawei, One Plus, and Maze have also been criticized in the past.

For businesses, benchmark figures are still an easy marketing tool. This number can help buyers not fully focus on other features or specifications. It also helps the Realme GT stand out as it competes with several other capable products. Snapdragon 888 mobile phone.

They need to standardize the phone’s performance in a variety of common tasks. However, the companies using the system ultimately question the numbers. That’s what people like Antutu definitely want to watch out for.

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We have asked Realme for feedback and will update this article when we get a response.

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