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Apple may look to Android to improve its iOS updates




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credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • The iOS 14.5 update can be delivered in a similar way to Android.
  • According to the spy internal code, future iOS security and major updates will be provided separately.

Apple may be looking for Android for inspiration on key aspects of iOS 14.5. According to the internal code watched in the beta, Apple may change the way it provides security updates to the mobile OS.

As found 9to5Mac, The new iOS update settings page now lists major OS updates and security patches as separate packages. This change, in theory, would allow users to install security updates only when they wish. Previously, security patches were applied only when iOS users installed the latest version of the OS.

This is a complete departure from the traditional way of delivering updates in iOS. However, these changes will match iOS to Android’s update system. In addition to providing major Android updates, Android OEMs can push monthly Android security updates to users’ devices. You don’t even need to install the latest version of Android to get the latest security updates.

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However, it is unclear how Apple will handle security updates across major OS versions. 9to5Mac There is some evidence that iOS users should uninstall the security update before upgrading to the next major OS version. Apple is likely to streamline this process in the future.

But this isn’t the first time Apple has separated a major update from a security update. MacOS already provides patches in a similar way.

For Apple, the company can quickly deliver security patches to iOS without major version modifications. This, in theory, will make iOS a lot more secure.


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