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Apple Prime Day Sale: Save on iPad, AirPods, MacBooks and more on Amazon CNN undervalued





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Apple has remained busy so far in 2021, launching two new iPad Pro models, the new iMac and the brand new Siri Remote, to name just a few of the most important. All of these new devices, along with classics like the MacBook Air, Apple Watch, and eighth-generation iPad, are getting good discounts for Prime Day 2021.

iPad (8th generation) ($ 299.99, originally $ 329;


Apple’s incoming iPad is really the best choice for most people, and it’s our favorite option best general tablet. It has a large 10.2-inch screen, which is perfect for sketching, playing your favorite movies and surfing the web. Like all other iPads, it works with iPadOS and supports multitasking.

iPad Air ($ 519.99, originally $ 599.99;

iPad Air

Jacob Krol / CNN

iPad Air

The iPad Air fits comfortably in any bag, backpack or suitcase, perfect for anyone working on the go. It features a lightweight, portable design without compromising screen quality and processing speed. The versatile tablet comes in five colors: black, white, deep navy, cypress green and citrus pink.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44mm in blue aluminum with Deep Navy sports band ($ 329.99, originally $ 399.99;


As an option for the best smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a perfect link for any iPhone user. You can track your steps, do an electrocardiogram and even monitor your blood oxygen levels. And it is a communication tool with the ability to send messages, emails and even receive calls from the wrist.

Apple TV 4K with the new Siri remote control (starting at $ 169, originally $ 179;

Apple Siri remote (2nd generation)

Jake Krol / CNN

Apple Siri remote (2nd generation)

The refreshed Apple TV 4K with the new Siri Remote just started shipping a few weeks ago and now you can get it for $ 169, originally $ 179. The 4K TV box looks identical to the previous version, but now supports high-speed frame content. The Siri remote is completely redesigned and is a much better experience.

MacBook Air ($ 900, originally $ 999;

Jacob Krol / CNN

There’s a reason it’s the MacBook Air our selection of laptops for Apple users – The inner M1 chip gave new life to Apple’s entry-level laptop. It also offers a $ 100 discount for just $ 900 for the base model, which will be ideal for most users.

13-inch MacBook Pro ($ 1,099, originally $ 1,299;


If you need a little more speed on your MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro combines the fast M1 chip with a fan. And that allows you to work harder (and get hotter) so that creative tasks run smoothly. You will also need to push it to get the fan to turn on and it will last almost 20 hours on a single charge.

AirPods Pro ($ 189.99, originally $ 249.99;


If you go to an Apple Store or visit, AirPods Pro will cost you $ 249.99. You can get them for $ 189.99 right now, and that means significant savings with the MSRP. But it’s not the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

AirPods Pro are our selection of headphones for Apple users, and its distinctive feature is the best noise cancellation in its category. This way, you can easily engage the model and block the world around you. They also feature an adaptive equalizer for a fantastic sound experience, “Hey Siri” support, quick pairing with Apple devices and a comfortable design.

AirPods (starting at $ 119, originally $ 159.99;

Jacob Krol / CNN

Standard AirPods may not be as complete as AirPods Pro, but they are Apple’s first wireless headphones. And while they look like original AirPods, they are now in the second generation. This means “Hey Siri” support, better sound with improved bass, fast pairing and strong connectivity.

Right now, AirPods with a standard charging case have gone down $ 119 from $ 159.99. If you really want support for wireless charging, these are for sale $ 149.99 from $ 199.99. Either way, you’ll get the same second-generation AirPods with enhanced features.

Wireless charging case for AirPods ($ 66, originally $ 79;

Jacob Krol / CNN

If you already have AirPods (first or second generation), but want the added benefit of a wireless charging case, Apple has a solution for you. It makes a new case with the necessary technology inside. It is also a solution to get a clean cover. It is for sale by $ 66.99 Right Now.

AirPods Max ($ 522.15, originally $ 549.99;

Jacob Krol / CNN

You’ve probably at least heard of Apple’s more than $ 549 AirPods. They are on the top level, but are designed with high-end materials (aluminum caps) and combined with a lot of technology inside.