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As spring thaws the Minnesota ice, a new pipeline battle fires up



As spring thaws the Minnesota ice, a new pipeline battle fires up


1960 was originally built in the pipeline Enbridge crude oil line 3 by snakes 1,097 miles of asphalt pits at the upper sands in Canada, Texas. By means of Minnesota, the number of about 340 then the pipeline The sections include adding new capacity will be lost, and something about the pristine forests and wetlands in North America. Less two camps along the road, a small group of protesters is increasing-but-not go to them prophets, and the back of the old promises of a new President.
In the Ojibwe tribe to learn the environmental aforesaid period of time at seventh, while “a bright white race to choose between two ways” lush green one other black fragmented. A wrong decision is warned, that’s the only cause of suffering and death to all the Earth’s people. ” and the Ojibwe the largest groups of Native Americans north of Mexico by tribe members from present-day Canada Ontario all the way to eastern Montana.

A half-dozen female such as singing and tribal elders edge side of the frozen Mississippi, it’s obvious that certain bonds and the sacred fight is. And the question is, how many do not join them in the face of the toughest legal challenges: increased pressure from officials to the country by the pandemic.

“It was the 130 that took until last just a few months,” and tribal activists, whose attorney Carl Houska told CNN. Some trapped in body construction site, but to identify trespassing police protesters feeds and watch the media and calls to send mail. Before we walked into the frozen river, and the judge ordered Houska attended the hearing and Zoom to $ 6.000 after the marks.

Carl Houska activists, whose tribal attorney, and said to them battle protesters believe themselves to be.

“They seem to think they will strictly enforce the earth. The reason is the lack of water have protected our freedom to do what they want right in the comfort of private bodies greater than ourselves,” Houska said.

After the battle, Washington and Dakota Access to the Keystone 27, is now hoping that the movement helps to charge the administration Biden that the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency on environmental impact studies and the Trump management and fading very quickly became allowed.

They are gone over the all of the pipeline giant Enbridge to say that the Canadian federal at the same time, however, stand firm, and each of the tribes of the test. The company is rushing to complete the pipeline before the State courts can not stop it. 340 thousand, partly by cutting in the land of 10,000 lakes, about these, 40% more than they are already in place.

Much of the new pipeline is buried underground is already in place, according to Enbridge.

“11, line 3 is not just the Keystone pipeline,” Enbridge Chief Communications Officer Mike Fernandez told CNN. “This already exists. And now for the industry is a Lifeline for millions of people in Canada and the US. The reality is that we see the big renewables growth, they’re going to need fossil fuels 40 years to come. “

But since Biden has built the first at the White House And the air is in the order of business agencyIn the pipeline is the biggest reason for that kind of energy running through the line 3. Unlike liquid to wet the Texas rock hidden in the pockets of the Alberta oil is not the only Canadian boreal forest. This can be steamed, if not pumped up. As a result, the dirtiest and most destructive and fossil fuel after the coal.
A truck with a large excavator to the oil back my grain in a truck, Alberta Suncor it fertile with the sand, and in the 2009.

A trip has turned into tar sands, which are created in scale. Huge mass crawl into some old man would dump trucks, filled with sticky cookie dough and it feels like the smell of asphalt.

Plants are moved in the process of tens of thousands of tons of grain, a huge baked every day, because there the river Athabasca natural gas, hot water is Goop. Separate the earth from mud coating the spark that takes a bottle of spring water six gallons of gasoline pool toxic waste and the tar sands are the largest of the resulting creature made history.

A policy is the amount of energy required by the sheer weight of bitumen-pits of sand, the liquid food does not give more value to the giver of all the earth is turned on, Alberta, 15% produce more carbon pollution planet cooking;According to scientists from the Concerned for the survival of the Union.
3 is the time of thousands of jobs in a created line was chosen.

But the laborers to work in a line shall be 3, cauruļvadi cleaner and safer, and the ability to move, rather than a truck a truck, or oil, side by side. And if a line passes over a portion 3 to hinder him, nothing of the world, that is, the kind of most burning fossil fuels that burn in demand.

“I think, freely, people are equipped to cauruļvadi it’s easy to fight pipelines,” said Kevin Guntars International Union of North America and picked up agreeing with cranes pipes as 25,000 pounds, while the buses.

“It is true that none of cauruļvadi carbon emissions. There were cars. So if you really want to go straight to the source You car dealerships dying, you can protest gas stations. But the question is, as humans, and car dealerships such as gas and anchorage would be pretty angry. “

Kevin said Guntars of the pipeline construction work is good, as carriers and oil, which flows much damage it brings competition from the experience of consumers.

While most of the 5,200 people like Texas and Louisiana are out of plumb-3 oil “400 will be some English language,” Fernandez told me. “We met with the First Nations along the pipeline. We listened, and as a consequence there is so 320 route modifications. “

Enbridge the individual ratios of the three has suffered in February, when two men were captured at once by a man came death, working in the line of 3 the protection of the girl is under age he built, after the victory of traffic before bish.

“It’s because of two people who were arrested in a fire.” Fernandez said. “We do not tolerate that kind of activity, and it’s not the behavior enabled us to one of the contractors say ‘this is our expectation that they should give the young child a certain level.’ ‘

In the pipeline by snakes, & quot;  And many energy corridor, with power lines.

Then followed a journey through the mind of the change in status, Pipeline or three miles in circumference.

“I think it fell on the house are running out of gas in the heat of climate change do not you think? “Said Mr. Jones.” There are thinking how they’re going to heat a home and put food on the table. ”

Award for a cultural anthropology of the doctor band of my own experience, a former member of the Ojibwe been hired for the salvation of the state, a pleasure, a violation of Jones, to walk Pipeline Enbridge or the vast tracts of the collapse of the whale.

Jones, the fratricide, and Enbridge are idle for spies of the pipeline it is clear from the passages of the detection of the in America.

“I am able to keep the peace and be the best that it’s important to us,” he said. “And I can honestly say that today, and it is historic context dug either yours.”

After the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reservation of the party line 3 by means of their Enbridge entered into a league when they run, and said to the princes of the tribes of their fathers they were in a situation that is impossible. Others have labored with me in the tribes of Enbridge, in a way, when dealing with others, as it were nothing but contempt for the Enbridge Winona LaDuke, Alba Ensemble, from the land of Ojibwe.

Laughed threat LaDuke’s promise to Mr. Jones. “He’s looking for a pot charts and sharpen the arrows. There are people alive.”

Winona LaDuke, Thus saith the Enbridge line 3 and not to making protest that they are withheld.

LaDuke environmental activist who has twice been a longtime chairman of the party claiming disability on Ralph Nader ticket, but the battle to pull the right whale industry in years to companies that fight never imagined would come to it.

“Enbridge wants to criminalize us,” he said. “I’m a grandmother, you know, I graduated from Harvard, vice president of twice Then they, and point out that it does not become criminal? I’m just asking, ‘how many things there, such as America, we can take the risk of multinational tolerably well off should be to prevent the Canadian tar pits at the end of the Libyan grains of sand, many of the era? ”

She helped convince a sympathetic place to sell them a little piece of land in the pipeline cuts through Mississippi, and as the weather warms, the protesters hope the number of cottages and yurts to fly fishing shanties will grow faster than Enbridge can drill down into the frozen Mississippi.

On behalf of the line of force is placed on pipe 3, through the woods to the north of Minnesota.

‘Our people, do not pick a fight with Mother Nature. You can not win, because we’re getting so getting pounded. The calculation of the pipe to the fire, it would be equivalent to about 50 Thou, therefore, why a new plant in the power of these things? “LaDuke said, pointing to the line 3.

“The tar sands gun. This button. “