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Atlanta mayor believes race played role in spa shooting suspect’s motive




“We can’t ignore the fact that there were Asian women who appeared to have been attacked in these Asian massage parlors,” he told David Axelrod of CNN, a Democrat episode of the podcast “The Ax Files” released Thursday.
He shooting on Tuesday it took place at three different spas in the Atlanta area – one in Cherokee County and two across the street in the city – and left eight people dead, while another was injured. Robert Aaron Long, 21, has been charged with the shootings and investigators say he has told them the killings had no racial grounds.

But Bottoms noted that “we hear a confessed killer” and said Long’s statements to investigators should be taken “with a grain of salt.”

The mayor also said Long intended to go to Florida, where he “intended to do even more harm,” calling his arrest “silver for all of this.”

“It has simply been a very, very dark day in our city and (there are) still so many that we have no answers,” he added.

Atlanta police chief Rodney Bryant said it is still too early to know the reasons for the violence. A statement apparently at odds with statements from Cherokee County Sheriff’s Captain Jay Baker, who said at a news conference yesterday that Long told police he had a sex addiction and saw spas as “a temptation. … which he wanted to eliminate. “Statements that have been criticized by local lawmakers for dehumanizing victims.

Bottoms also told Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Wednesday that people should show solidarity with Asian Americans as they did with black Americans last summer and that he thought “it would be appropriate” if Long were accused of a hate crime.

“Just as African Americans across the country called for support and we asked people to be with us over the summer, it’s important that people stay with our Asian brothers and sisters in the same way,” he said. to say.