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Attention Pet Owners: This Robotic Vacuum Keeps All That Hair In Check And It’s $200 Off For Black Friday



“I’m beyond surprised! It’s nice to finally be able to say ‘this really sucks’ as a compliment! We have affectionately named our robot Shark IQ ‘Jaws’. Our house makes dust. I am convinced that most of the dust on the planet comes from here. Before ‘Jaws’ we had to sweep several times a day, each time wondering how so much dirt could accumulate in just a few hours.. Every morning at 4, ‘Jaws’ is up and running. We woke up to clean the floors !! Throughout the day, we can wake up ‘Jaws’ to do it again. I had never owned a robot vacuum cleaner and, frankly, I was skeptical, so much so that I ordered it hoping to return it; So much so that it took me almost a month to register it (a very simple process, by the way). My wife was even more skeptical! However, we had an upright Shark and we were very satisfied with the quality so we decided to stick with a good brand.

It took me less than five minutes to get it up and running. I was able to SEE the difference in our floors after the first race. When it’s full, it goes back to the base and empties, then works again. If it runs out of power, it goes back to the base to recharge and then finishes the job. Every once in a while, I have to turn it over and remove the clogs and it has to be cleaned from time to time, but I have had to do it with any vacuum cleaner. If anything, that attests to the suction power! Since we bought the Shark IQ, my wife and I have noticed a significant difference in the air quality inside our home.

Another blessing is that it doesn’t bother our two dogs like other vacuum cleaners do. They see ‘Jaws’ come and just get out of his way, treating him more like a cat that they don’t want near them but don’t mind acknowledging either. We have emptied the base twice since we bought it. Each time it was a ‘OMG’ moment as we were surprised that all of this came off OUR floors. ‘Jaws’ has become part of the family. At this point, anyone who tries to take it from us need not fear me. I’ll be here to clean up your pieces after my wife is done with you. I love this robot! One suggestion though … Shark, could you equip it with claws that pick up obstacles? It’s a prank.” –Doc H.

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