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Audi unveils a shape-shifting concept car




Football until my car with a long hood stretched forward and the steering wheel and the pedals fold away. And the driver’s side dashboard, the display panel and a glass of spring break, and the gear selector, the drive to create a more comfortable space to relax.

Since every possible skysphere electric car powered by a motor that is mounted behind the seats. How much, and that none of you to come under the hood, the tendency to the end, as at the other backward.

The manner of hunting, it has in itself, which acts as a skysphere drink chariots, wittily, two seater a fast, comfortable with long-distance travel designed for you. From now Coach – the distance between the front wheels and rear – for good because the path of the roads in the way of the car to feel more stable, to prolong it. And without a steering wheel or pedals, the driver can stretch out, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The man regular driving mode, it’s a sports car like. Coach can give the vehicle a much shorter shorter, more responsive driving feel. The suspension of the implementation of the car and lowers it closer to the ground about a half an inch. Put them in sports car explains cleared the dashboard and the steering wheel moves in place a set of pedals footwell leakage.

This shape-shifting Audi’s attempt to answer a conundrum to my need. Their advocates say they can self-driving vehicles, as regards safer than human drivers and offer opportunities to reconsider what a car can and should be. But the words which fell from the face of the challenges is not the pain that actually enjoy, who controls all things. Renault was able to, however, that it endeavored to out of power, and performance of the cars of self, which is in the midst of them, it considers its core customers. So this is a car to offer them comfort compromise.

The Audi Skysphere & # 39; in the shortest sportier the driving of a carriage so that it moves to the backward s Cap,.

“We are also convinced that the driving experience will provide a beautiful and so also in the future,” Ashton said Wenders, Renault brand head through a presentation to journalists.

That she does not have the skysphere the grille cloth, with the electrical cars are not Not quite as cool as the lorem eget with gasoline, the car. Instead, a crater shaped aluminum cover display screen under the clear light of the effects MARK driving mode changes from one to the other.

HARNESS accessories specially designed for the car’s different roles. A: and when he was covered with clothes he was not in the back of the chair, wrapped up in a pair of the driver’s house shall be established unto all men are hostile to you, if you would like to nap with the skysphere act on itself. When the steering wheel itself, it is also shown in a storage room behind the steering wheel driver holding a pair of leather gloves.

Since this is a concept car that can drive the skysphere Audi executives said. It is the idea of ​​a car as it could potentially be. Will it change the security crash experience fault can be maintained.

The Audi Skysphere concept was inspired by the Horch 853.

The long hood and rear doors open and widely skysphere built in like Horch 853 roadster of the 1930s. Founded in 1904, Horch and Audi founder August Horch first train car. Hear that was founded in 1909 after he was forced to leave Horch. (Listen to English translation of the name Horch, which means “hear” in German.)

He later became companies Auto Union party, which formed in 1932 in a merger of four different German automakers. Of these four, Audi is still the only one who uses survived and Auto Union logo, four interlinked rings. Today, part of the Volkswagen Volkswagen Group (VLKPF)Which is, however, also Horch brand of the name of your partner.