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Avan Jogia Opened Up About “Victorious” Feeling Like A “Fever Dream,” And Getting To Kill Zombies In The New “Resident Evil” Movie



NOW – How was the audition process for resident Evil?

the resident Evil The audition process was weird, because again, it’s COVID. And then everyone is locked in their houses. You do a lot [audition] tapes as an actor, so I basically got up off the couch and arranged a wall to make it look like I wasn’t completely living in dirt. And then you just send [the tapes] away and, you know, you forget about it. And then a couple of weeks later, I got the call from the director and we talked about the role and what his vision was for it. So yeah, that has mainly been my process. Much has changed, even since the casting process of Victorious And the casting process for movies now, has changed a lot due to COVID.

THEN – Did you have a favorite scene or episode to film? Victorious?

It’s funny, it’s so blurry. Above all, I don’t remember filming any specific scene. I was so young and due to the content of [Victorious] – Basically I was having fun with my friends. I think the fun we had was poured into the show itself. I think people realized how much fun we were having. But as for what was happening, it was like a fever dream. Oh, I liked dressing up as a transvestite. That was fun.

NOW – Did you have a favorite scene to film? resident Evil?

I think the rocket launcher scene in resident Evil it is my favorite. You can rarely do an 80s-style action scene like this where you say a line of action and then fire a rocket launcher, you know what I mean? Super campy and fun. For me, that’s the kind of thing I think about, “Oh yeah, this is what movies are about.”

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