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AZ Sheriff Declares ‘War on Drugs Is Back’ in America as Border Crisis Overwhelms Law Enforcement



An Arizona sheriff said “the war on drugs is back” in America because the growing border crisis is undermining local law enforcement.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels shared strong words about drugs crossing the country’s border during an interview with Fox News ’“ America’s Newsroom ”on Friday.

“They set us up for failure here on the southwest border, completely,” Dannels told host Bill Hemmer.


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“By fiscal year we had 10,000 pounds of fentanyl, 180,000 pounds of meth, 86,000 pounds of cocaine, 5,000 pounds of heroin and 311,000 pounds of marijuana passed through the southern border,” he added.

Dannels announced that “the war on drugs is back,” blaming the open border for allowing large flows of illegal substances into the U.S.

“The war on drugs is back, and until America comes up here and secures this border, it will only get worse.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection tweeted Wednesday about one of several recent major drug attacks.

“On Saturday, CBP officials working at the Pharr International Bridge Cargo Facility seized $ 16.5M of meth. In total, nearly 1,180lbs of meth was hidden inside a trailer,” CBP tweeted.

“CBP officials assigned to the Pharr International Bridge freight facility encountered a commercial tractor trailer, arriving from Mexico,” CBP said in a statement. “A CBP official referred the delivery for further inspection, which included the use of non-imaging equipment (NII) and screening by a (canine team). After the physical inspection of the delivery , officers discovered 468 packages of alleged methamphetamine weighing 1,179.47 pounds (535kg) hidden inside the trailer.

“CBP OFO seized the narcotics and vehicles, and the case remains under investigation by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI).”


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The agency reported another seizure this week that included $ 5.9 million worth of illegal drugs.

@CBP #Port Officers of #Nogales working at the Commercial Facility recovered approximately 467 lbs of cocaine hidden inside harvest boxes. The total value of narcotics is $ 5.9 MILLION! ”CBP tweeted on Monday.

By April, the border had already experienced an 800 percent increase over the previous year fentanyl seized by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“We’ve got enough fentanyl coming across the border to kill every single person in the state of New York,” Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said in May.

Abbott called the flow of drugs “a deadly situation.”

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