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Barack Obama’s Birthday Tribute To Michelle Makes Me Believe In True Love




None of them as birthday presents.

There are few things in this world more than to have a pure love Michelle and Barack Obama to the other. Every anniversary and birthday notes to remind the world and to each other.

Today’s 57th birthday, Michelle and Barak know that day and loving writing that is self evident.

In the 44th President of the United States of America A throwback to his wife as three decades with the familiar “Happy birthday to my friend, my partner and my friend.”

“Every time a blessing to this,” he said, adding: “You love me”.

Happy birthday to my love, my partner and a friend of my own best friend. When on a sudden a blessing this day. I love you, Michel.

Instagram / @barackobama

Back in October, when the two standing on the 28th wedding anniversary, Obama wrote Michael else sweet note saying: “Even with everything going on, I wanted to say happy anniversary at the moment is the love of my life. Every day is good for my husband to @MichelleObama more and more people “.

For year birthday of Barack shared some photobooth pics of him and Mark wrote: “At each stage are my star.”

In fact, thanks to Barack, and Marcus, the stars, the rest of us, so that some, even the darkest of days.

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