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“Beating her would prove once and for all that I’m the better fighter” – Denice Zamboanga sounds off on possible Seo Hee Ham rematch



Top-ranked woman in the atomic category ‘Lycan Queen’ Denice Zamboanga doesn’t think it’s imperative to face dangerous South Korean veteran Seo Hee Ham for the second time. But she would still do it just to prove she was a better fighter.

Denice Zamboanga faced Seo Hee Ham in the first round of the historic ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix in September, and after a fierce fight, ‘Arale Chan’ took home the division of the decision in judges ’points.

However, the result has met with much controversy. Fans and experts believe that Denice Zamboanga did enough to win the fight, and that the judges were wrong to award the victory to her opponent.

Denice Zamboanga respectfully asked ONE Championship cans for a formal revision of the trial criteria, hoping the results would be annulled. Unfortunately for the Filipino, the decision was confirmed and Seo Hee Ham remained the winner.

Still, the 24-year-old from Quezon City in the Philippines remains confident she has won that fight and would more than like to prove it in a circle.

Speaking to the ONE Championship in a recent interview, Denice Zamboanga said:

“Fighting her again and winning her would prove once and for all that I am a better fighter. But even if we don’t argue again, the whole world knows I beat her. Everyone says I won, so I don’t really mind now. We all know who won that fight. For me, I would like to fight her again, but that is not so important anymore. It’s not such a big deal. Filipino fans are the best. I have the biggest fans in the world and they all really gave me support. I think that’s why I’m still the number one competitor in the division. “

Other options Denice Zamboange

For the first time in almost two years, Denice Zamboanga is going to the Philippines to spend Christmas at home. She also recently revealed that she received an offer to fight Alyona Rassohyna before she left Bangkok, but says the Ukrainian fighter refused to fight.

In addition to fighting Alyona Rassohyne and Seo Hee Ham, the first-ranked atomic heavyweight has a plethora of options for the return of ‘Lycan Queen’s’.

A clash with Brazilian striker Julie Mezabarbo is a tempting option, as is a fight against Chinese holders Meng Bo and Lin Heqin. But the fight that Denice Zamboanga still really wants is a fight with the current world champion in the atomic category for women. Angela Lee herself, and she won’t stop at anything to make it happen.

“I have been waiting for a long time to fight her. I still think I deserve that fight. And so many fans want to see it. They want to see me fight Angel Lee. The media followed our struggle a lot. And I think there’s a huge interest in watching this fight. “

Edited by Genci Papranik


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